Friday News - Contactless Pool Dining Tables

Posted by Dave 16 NOVEMBER 2018

The future is here - the contactless pool dining table has arrived!

For years we have mourned the disappearance of the pool table from the Great British pub, to be replaced with yet more dining tables. The pool table is the heart and soul of your local - catering for groups of friends relaxing with a pint, hustlers who think they have a few tricks up their sleeves, and the more serious players playing in their local pool league.

So, to reverse this trend, we have invented the contactless pool dining table. This combines a solid oak pool table, with a dining top also made of oak, and a contactless payment reader which enables you to pay by card or mobile phone payment services. 



What makes the Vantage Pool Table so special?

The Vantage upgrades the standard pub-style pool table in a number of areas:

  • Hingeless Frame - standard pub-style tables employ a hinge along one side meaning the cushion is "floating" about the slate. On the Vantage the rail is bolted down through the slate to ensure consistent bounce from every cushion. 
  • One-piece cushion rail - our cushion rubber is glued to a one-piece cushion rail, which ensures a solid consistent response. Standard pub pool tables use a wooden baton to which the rubber is glued, which is then bolted to the cushion rail, meaning that different tensions can be employed, resulting in an inconsistent bounce.
  • Computer Slate Levelling - the table slate is levelled using computer-controlled engineering techniques, ensuring it is absolutely flat and level and will provide a smooth roll in every direction. Tolerance for imperfection is less than 0.02mm per metre, offering an incredible level of precision and giving you a tournament-grade slate.
  • Premium Cloth choices - This table is fitted with your choice of twenty-three Hainsworth Smart Cloth colours, a performance cloth that delivers big on performance and longevity with a fantastic napped surface. If you prefer Strachan cloth, you can choose from seven Strachan 6811 colours or ten SuperPro colours. There are no additional costs for choosing the exact colour and brand to match your requirements.


Signature Vantage Contactless Pool Dining Table
The Vantage employs the very latest in contactless payment technology:
  • Contactless Payment - The Vantage is equipped with a contactless payment reader. This enables payments from debit cards and credit cards. It also allows payments from mobile phones using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. 
  • Mobile Phone Connection - connecting via wi-fi can prove difficult to set up, offer inconsistent connection quality and can be less secure. Therefore we use a secure mobile connection to process all transactions.
  • Rechargeable Battery - it is necessary to power the contactless equipment, but not all locations have power sockets in the floor, so we use a high quality rechargeable battery to power everything. This can be connected to the mains when the premises are closed, to recharge. It will run for two days between charges, just in case you forget to connect it up each evening.
  • Takings paid by BACS - we handle all the payment processing fees, the mobile connection costs, security requirements, and maintenance. We simply pay the takings directly into your bank account, minus a small fee to cover all this.
Signature Vantage Contactless Pool Dining Table - Payment End

The Vantage also makes a fantastic dining table:

  • Solid Wood Construction - this table is made from solid oak, giving it a robust and long-lasting frame as well as an attractive finish.
  • One Piece Dining Top - a one piece oak dining top is supplied as standard, transforming a state-of-the-art pool table into a stylish dining table. We also supply a matching oak trolley to allow you to move and store the dining top easily when not in use.
  • Upholstered Benches - we supply matching upholstered solid oak benches, allowing three people to dine in comfort on each side of the table. When being used for pool, they can simply be pushed underneath the table.
  • Ethically Sourced Wood - This model is constructed from ethically sourced wood, meaning that trees are re-planted after logging to ensure healthy, sustainable forests.
Signature Vantage Contactless Pool Dining Table - Low View with Top and Benches
This incredible pool dining table is available exclusively to commercial businesses, on a rental agreement.
For more details please contact us on 0800 622 6464 or 01454 413636, press 2 for our commercial team, or ask to speak to Josh or Ben.
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