Change is coming at Home Leisure Direct

Posted by Michelle 11 SEPTEMBER 2012
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With everything going on at Home Leisure Direct HQ year you may have thought we would just take a step back now and be content with our brand new sparkly second showroom. But thats okay, we will forgive you for thinking we we’re about to rest on our laurels!

With our current showroom and our new luxury showroom looking so smart and dandy we thought it was about time to make our regular shop, thats right guys - our online store, just that little bit more fancy.

We have been working away on a very exciting new rebrand since May this year with one of the best branding designers in the Biz, Graham Smith @imjustcreative as well as working with our ridiculously talented web team over at Blue Box Software to create something that will look so awesome it will make a unicorn weep glittery tears of joy.......

Unicorn Tears

Some of you eagle eyed so-and-so’s will have seen a different logo popping up on some photos on the website, do not fear - it is simply our new logo slowly being introduced into our current website. Granted, it may look a little out of place at the moment but in time, it will all make sense and look marvellous.

We have taken our inspiration from a number of things notably, 1950’s Americana, Beautiful Vintage Typography, Numerous Lifestyle brands and a good pair of worn in jeans! 

I know, I know, it all sounds quite fluffy, We all feel so stoked to have the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people who understand our vision and direction for our brand. 

Together we have collaborated to create what we believe to be by far, the best website and branding in our industry which will be launched just in time for Christmas.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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