Home Leisure Direct TV News [Video] - 19th April

This weeks Home Leisure Direct TV News bought to you by Andy Beresford is jam packed full of some very cool products including our range of Vintage Jukeboxes we have on display in our Bristol Showroom, The Longoni Elite Special Offer, The Arcane Arcade Coffee Table and the ridiculosuly crazy, Pac-Man Smash Air Hockey Table.

We hope you enjoy!


---- Hi I’m Andy and welcome to this weeks Home Leisure Direct TV News where we will be bringing you the latest information on everything games room related.

Tune in each week to keep up to date on the cool products we sell, competitions, special offers and events. You can also get the news each week on our Facebook page, on Twitter, Google+ and of course our YouTube channel, and everything we cover in today’s news will be featured on our blog which is on Homeleisuredirect.com

Okay so the first piece of news on today’s countdown of cool is to take you through some gorgeous vintage silver age jukeboxes that have just arrived in our showroom. So you may well be wondering what is a silver age jukebox so to explain that lets first go back in first of all in chronological order and tell you what Golden age is. These are jukeboxes made in the late 40‘s and they were made out of wood but they played 78’s which most people just don’t have.

The silver age jukeboxes therefore are far more popular with todays home buyers because they play 45’s and most people have got those tucked away in the loft somewhere. They also take their styling from classic American cars such as this Rock-Ola which has beautiful use of chrome and glass which looks absolutely stunning.

So come with me and let me take you through our three favourite models.

First of all lets take a look at this gorgeous Rock-Ola 1468 Tempo 1. Made in 1958, the 1468 plays 120 selections. It uses an ingenious selection system when you press the button at the top for the type of music you’d like, then you enter the record number and Hey Presto! - your record plays.

[Music Plays]

With all the fins, chrome and glass this is probably the most automobile influenced Jukebox model ever made.

Next is the beautiful Wurlitzer 1900 Centennial made in 1956. It was made to celebrate Wurlitzer’s 100th year in business since they started back in 1856 making musical instruments. The 1900 plays 104 selections, with the record carousel prominently on display. This jukeboxes simple, elegant design makes it one of the most popular models with collectors.

The final model in our Top 3 is the awesome Wurlitzer 2300 made in 1959. Wurlitzer made six different models in this style. This particular version is the top of the range playing 200 selections and is Wurlitzer's first model playing stereo sound. The 2300 sports a large, gold ‘W’ on the speaker screen, it has a shallower glass design and lots of gorgeous chrome.

If you’d like a closer look at any of these models, just pop into our showroom.

Just gone live on our website is the Longoni Elite 9ft American Pool Table made in Briar Walnut. This model is pre-owned and has been expertly refurbished by our French polisher. Normally retailing at £8197, this fantastic pool table can be yours for just £4997 including free delivery and installation. That’s a saving of over £3000 against the new price.

Up next is the totally bonkers Pac-mac smash air hockey table. Debuted at the AEG show in London at the start of the year and stock is finally arriving in limited quantities at the start of May.

Playing like normal Air Hockey to start off with, it then dumps dozens on mini-pucks onto the play field resulting in a crazed scramble to bag as many points as possible. If you’d like to get your hands on one, please give us a call as soon as possible before stock runs out.

Our last piece this week is the Arcane, Arcade coffee table from Surface Tension. Sleekly styled to fit in with the most contemporary home, it’s frame is made from solid Oak or Walnut. Featuring two player controls, six buttons as well as spinner and trackball. The control panel pops out for a quick gaming sesh and  then hides away again, you’d never know it was there. The PC that runs the show is tucked away over on the other side.

A super simple menu system lets you pick from tonnes of games

[SOUND: Sound effects of each game scrolled through]

Pick the one you fancy and away you go!

[SOUND: Sound effects of Game Chosen]

Loaded with jukebox software too this is one coffee table that will keep everyone happy.

[SOUND: Click and gentle whirring of jukebox gears choosing the disk]

Okay, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks edition of Home Leisure Direct TV news, make sure you tune in each week to keep up with the latest goings on and of course you can get full details on our blog at homeleisuredirect.com

Look forward to seeing you next week!

[SOUND: Music stars to play]

[‘When you move in right up close to me’ by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin’ All Over]

[SOUND: Fade out]

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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