Order now for Christmas 2016

Posted by HLD 05 OCTOBER 2016

What could be more exciting than getting a pool table, pinball machine or even an arcade machine for Christmas this year?! 

Christmas is approaching fast and we are already getting a lot of customers calling/e-mailing us to ask when they need to order from us to ensure that their purchase arrives in time for Christmas. 


Many of our products sell out before we get into December, so it pays to plan ahead and order as soon as possible. Also due to the winter weather and the size and weight of our products, deliveries have to be planned ahead to ensure they arrive safely and undamaged. 

Call our Award Winning Customer Service team on 01454 413636 or 0800 622 6464 to help you choose the right product for you and arrange delivery in time for the big day.

To give you an idea of the lead times and availability of our range of products we have made a guide for you below. 

Pool Tables - we have the largest stocks of high quality slate bed pool tables in the UK, but they are selling fast! You can either process your order through our website or give us a call and we will advise on the best model for your needs. - Shop Pool Tables.

Luxury Pool Tables - some models have long lead times, but the manufacturers hold stock of some models and so do we. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will source the best product for you and your family. - Shop Luxury Pool Tables

Pinball Machines - we hold most models in stock, but every year we sell out of the most popular ones early. It's so hard to predict which ones will sell in what quantities, so again give us a call to discuss the models on your short list. We also have a Christmas Pinball availability blog dedicated specifically to pinballs which is worth reading - Shop Pinball Machines

Jukeboxes - we have both brand new and vintage jukeboxes in stock, but they're selling faster than ever! - Shop Jukeboxes

Snooker Tables - we are already low on stock with some more due in shortly. It's best to give us a call to double check to see if we have what you need - Shop Snooker Tables.

Table Tennis Tables - these are all held in stock, with the last order date being around 16th December, although some models can sell out early - Shop Table Tennis Tables.

Football Tables - the same applies for most models. We do keep lots of foosball tables in stock, so should be able help depending on what you need - Shop Football Tables.

Arcade Machines - the brand new multi-game models are always really popular, so we keep lots in stock. If you choose one of the models which can have lots of options we would need to have it made for you, therefore you need to order by late November at the latest. The used/refurbished machines are held in stock until sold, so if you know what you want we recommend ordering as soon as possible in case someone else buys it - Shop Arcade Machines.

Air Hockey - these are held in stock and can usually be ordered right up until 10th December, but this depends on how busy our delivery teams are - Shop Air Hockey Tables. 

Neon Signs - these are made to order, with about a 6 week lead time, so you would need to order by 1st November to be on the safe side - Shop Neon Signs.

We list the lead times for every item in each of our product listings, but these are only approximations and these lead times can extend considerably depending on how busy the manufacturer is at the time.

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