Games Room of the Year 2017 - Voting Closes soon!

Posted by HLD 10 NOVEMBER 2017

This year's Games Room of the Year competition blown us away with the sheer amount of entries we had! With this, it was only natural for a number of votes would blow us away too.

The voting deadline is closing in fast so if you haven't voted yet, go to the link at the bottom of the article and vote before midnight, 12th November 2017. 


Within the voting period, we have travelled the country with the intention to hold interviews with our 12 finalists. Due to the short time, unfortunately, we couldn't visit everyone.


Eddie Mabin

This Games Room of the Year 2017 finalist is Eddie Mabin who created his dream games room based on his childhood arcades.The nostalgia is strong in this games room.


Simon Randall

Next up is Simon Randall’s games room. 15 years in the making, this two-story, games room/pub/bar is an ever-growing collection of fun for all.

Ben Buey

Our next finalist for Games Room of the Year 2017 is Ben Buey with the Wonkey Donkey. It’s a great place for his family and friends to enjoy themselves. The best thing about it, his nephew created the logo for his games room. 

Peter Goldby

Next finalist for Games Room of the Year 2017 is Peter Goldby with an amazing pub like games room that is being visited more than the pub these days.

John Fenner

John Fenner is our first Wildcard entry. He has built his games room from scratch in his back garden to be the perfect place to spend time with the family and friends. The room features awesome green lighting, memorabilia and an English pool table.

Ian Whittle

Ian Whittle’s games room is our next finalist. He and his wife turned their brewery into an awesome games room with a bar filled with homebrew.

Glen Scarrott

Theis finalist entry comes from Glen Scarrott with the Click where he practices pool and holds many parties.


John Bennett

Our next games room of choice came from John Bennett. He made his games room to bring his friends together for any sports events while keeping them entertained.

Ryan Bishop

This finalist entry is coming from Ryan Bishop who created his dreamlike interior design games room.

Graeme Strachan

Our second wildcard entry comes from Graeme Strachan, and his incredibly finished loft conversion dedicated to Aberdeen FC. The whole bar is colour coordinated to the club's colours, and features a bar, dartboard and seating to watch the game.

Due to the time constraints, we were not able to create videos for the next two finalists. 

Steve Simmons

This Games Room of the Year 2017 finalist is coming from Steve Simmons. His purple colour scheme really complements the white finish pool table in his games room.


Steve Simmons.jpg


Andy Blair

Andy’s Pink Panther Bar is next up on our finalist's list. His Las Vegas inspired games room is filled with a bar, fruit machine, memorabilia and much more.


Andy Blair.jpg


So which is your favourite games room? 

Want to vote for any of those finalists? Just follow the link below and vote for your Games Room of the Year 2017.

If you have any questions regarding Games Room of the Year 2017, please email our marketing team at [email protected]


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