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Posted by Josh 15 SEPTEMBER 2016

Home Leisure Direct was recently approached by The Barrel & Horn to help them revamp their gaming area as part of a full refresh of the pub.

They had grand ideas to go for something completely different with a mixture of retro throwbacks and the jumping on the wave of the new shuffleboard craze that is sweeping the nation. They decided on three of our favourite items here at Home Leisure Direct, The Brunswick Andover Shuffleboard, the Demolition Man Pinball and the Garlando Olympic Football table. 

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Brunswick Andover Shuffleboard:

You may be wondering what Shuffleboard is - it’s roots lie in the USA, but has exploded in Scandinavia over the last 3 years. A game once outlawed by Henry VIII is now seeing a monumental resurgence here in the UK with bars up and down the country kitting themselves up. At Home Leisure Direct we have the largest range of shuffleboards available in the UK with all three of the largest manufactures, Brunswick, Hudson and Hurricane all exclusive to Home Leisure Direct.

The guys at The Barrel & Horn had a compact space so went for the 12ft Andover model, featuring a North American maple wood play-field and a polymer resin surface this table is exquisite in both its appearance and playability. 

The game itself is both easy to pick up but difficult to master, enjoyed usually by both men and women the rules are simple enough but if you need any guidance the guys at The Barrel & Horn have neatly incorporated the rules onto the artwork on the walls of the games room. Also Andrew and his team are more than happy to share their knowledge with anybody new to the game. 

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Demolition Man Pinball:

Another cracking choice was to go for the Demolition Man Pinball machine.

Manufactured by Williams, makers of some of the greatest pinball machines in history.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.59.49.png

Based on the 1993 sci-fi film featuring Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone, Demolition Man is one of Dennis Nordman's (Scared Stiff, White Water, Pirates of the Caribbean) more unique pinball machines. The wide body design integrates a lot of different features into this futuristic playfield, including a functioning Cryo Claw that can pick your ball up, and is player controlled. The completely unique vertical triggers also allow players to play in a totally new way. The goal of Demolition Man is to advance through the four different multiball modes to claim the enormous Demolition Jackpot which increases with every jackpot you score.

The game is available to play right now at only 50p per game or 3 games for £1.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.59.38.png

Garlando Olympic Sliver Football Table:

They also went for the Garlando Olympic football table, massively popular in commercial environments, this table has been built with high quality laminate ply and tempered safety glass.

The looks are complimented with playability due to the nylon bushes and steel bearings for faster, smoother play, and telescopic rods for added safety. 

The Barrel & Horn is now open after its refresh and the games corner is ready to play.

Stay tuned for more Home Leisure Direct Installs Soon.

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