Posted by HLD 16 DECEMBER 2020


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Ah, the holidays will soon be upon us. Once your belly is suitably overfilled with "just one more pig-in-blanket" you try to make dreaded conversation with your relatives about anything other than Covid-19. Anything. The silence echoes across the room. Please not another zoom quiz. Your ears begin to ring. Your eye starts to twitch. Please not another DIY haircut. You use every ounce of energy remaining to avoid saying "please can you pass a bottle of Corona?".


But you are saved... "Shall we play a board game?" you hear someone say.


What better way to spend time with your loved ones than by shouting over paper money and sulking behind the Christmas tree?



What about COVIDOPOLY? The brand new limited-edition board game is available to download for free now.

With a 2020 twist on the cold capitalism classic, COVIDOPOLY follows the same well-known rules but with hilarious references to the pandemic events of the year.  The aim of the game remains to bankrupt your family but also to resign 2020 to the bin in style, a year we can all say we are glad to see the back of. 


Download Coviopoly Buttton


Download, print and play today. All donations raised go to NHS Charities Together.



Covidopoly Donate Button


After a year full of loo roll buying and ending every story with "socially distanced of course" we all want to make this Christmas extra special. Click the link here to find out more.


What's included in the game?

  • Player tokens
  • Daily Briefing and Chancellor of the Exchequer Cards
  • Activity Ownership Cards
  • Covid Test-centres and NHS Hospitals
  • Covidopoly Cash



Give a big thank you to the NHS workers and volunteers who have helped the nation during this pandemic with a donation that really matters. We hope you have a huge amount of fun playing Covidopoly with friends and family whether you are together or over a zoom call in true lockdown fashion.


Download Coviopoly Buttton

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