Don't miss out on your Christmas Delivery!

Posted by HLD 03 SEPTEMBER 2020


Christmas is fast approaching, if you would like all of your holiday gifts to arrive before December 25th, the easiest and quickest way is to order today.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 of the manufacturing lead times, our cut off dates for Christmas are the earliest they’ve ever been. Order now to avoid disappointment. 

To get the latest information on your chosen item(s), please call us on 01454 413636 or 0800 6226464. More information about individual manufacturer deadlines is below. 

These dates are estimations and subject to change based on product demand. We recommend ordering your pool table as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Bespoke Pool Tables (check back for updates)

Aramith - October 26th 2020

Bilhares Xavigil - October 25th 2020

Billards Montfort - October 23rd 2020

Billiards Toulet - September 7th 2020

Longoni - Fire, Las Vegas, Wenge, Slim & Eco November 7th 2020

Longoni - Elegant, Elite & Royal October 18th 2020

RS Barcelona - November 7th 2020 (for custom tables) 

Bilhares Carrinho - October 24th 2020 

Billards Plaisance - November 7th 2020

Buffalo - November 23rd 2020

Etrusco - September 24th 2020 

Sam - October 24th 2020

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