Game of Thrones News | Episode 12

Posted by Jess 13 NOVEMBER 2015

This episode of the Weekly News is a Game of Thrones Special with a sneak peak of the brand new Game of Thrones pinball machine in our showroom, some opinions on the machine from our team and a glimpse at our new Jack Daniel’s dartboard and darts.

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Ben: Hi guys and welcome to another episode of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. Now before we do anything, let's quickly have a recap on this fantastic Star Wars giveaway we've currently got running. So remember all you've got to do is share this post, share the news you're watching now, and then comment in the box below your best friend. So tag a mate and share this post. Remember it runs right the way up until the 18th of November, and I thought it was worth talking about again, just in case you haven't already entered. Someone, somewhere, sat at home right now will win this amazing Star Wars piece, and it could be you. 

Right, so let's check out the news this week then. So Christmas has truly come early here in Bristol, because we've just had our brand new Game of Thrones pinball machine finally arrive into the showroom, and it looks absolutely awesome. So we're going to show you guys through that in just a moment. We've also had some new jukeboxes, some real vintage beauties turn up. And again, we'll give you a quick whiz around the showroom and show you what they look like. And then just to end up the show, we've got an amazing deal on this fantastic Jack Daniel's Dartboard which again we've got some stock in right now ready for Crimbo. So whatever you do don't change the channel.

So before we do anything else, let's just check out this amazing clip that one of you at home has sent in for us to review. So meet Jacks, now Jacks looks like a kind of normal tabby cat, however he's not, he is a pinball loving cat. And you might have seen cats chasing around laser pens, but last years news really. But this year the in cats out there on the streets are all about pinball. And as you can see he's taken a real liking to this machine in particular, and he's quite a cute chap really. And that leads us nicely onto our next topic, which I think Jacks will enjoy. It's Game of Thrones pinball.

All right so here we are the next our brand new Game of Thrones pinball machine, and this week's been a bit like Christmas, I guess really, because the excitement in the office here, having the machine turn up. So we've actually been talking about it forever, but finally it has arrived. So also it's worth noting not only have you got one here in Bristol, but it also is one in London Selfridges so our concession in the Selfridges Oxford Street branch is also one of these fab machines if you want to pop down there and play it, you can do so. So let's check it out and see what the guys think of it. 

Scott you're up first, Game of Thrones pinball machine, how'd you feel about it?

Scott: I love it. 

Ben: Jonno so you’re up then. Game of Thrones, thoughts?

Jonno: Well I had the chance to play this at the expo a few weeks ago and I loved it there and I love it now. 

Ben: Okay, Jess, you're up, thoughts? 

Jess: It's really good.

Ben: You happy with it?

Jess: Yeah, I really like the Iron Throne. 

Scott: It’s very fast.

Ben: Do you like the ramps?

Scott: So it's quite easy to get Multiball so obviously it's not too hard for beginners to have a good game. 

Jonno: So I just need to get this up the ramp and then I can get the multiball. The Multiball in this game is utterly insane. The lighting on it is just ridiculous.

Ben: So that's what the guys have to say about it, but it's an amazing game. If you guys want to come down and play it, it's on freeplay in Bristol and in London. See you guys soon. 

Straight from pinball, straight into jukeboxes. So we've been lucky enough here in Bristol to take stock of some amazing vintage jukeboxes. Now just check out these Ami’s that are flashing across your screen now. So Ami an original manufacturer from the 60's and these are original versions from back in that era. And as you can see they're in stunning condition. Now if we have a quick look at the Ami Continental II here pictured, this is a real iconic jukebox. So it was featured in the movie Wayne's World, you might remember Garth was trying to seduce his lady, and of course what better song to put on than Jimmy Hendrix Foxy Lady. So his dance did the trick and the Ami Conti obviously had his back. So these machines will be refurbished very shortly. They will appear on the website, and they'll be available to buy. But in between now and then if there is a jukebox question you have, or something you'd just like to know please give us a call in the sales office.

Finally we thought we'd end the show this week by talking to you about a brand new product that's coming to here at Home Leisure Direct and it's this fab officially licensed Jack Daniel's dartboard. Now as you can see it's a premium bristle dartboard, it comes with staple free bulls-eye, and also the round wide dividers. We've also got matching set of darts that are also available for sale. So the dart board itself is £49.99 with free delivery, and then the darts are £29.99, again with free delivery. 

So if there someone out there this Christmas that you know would love it, pick up the phone and order one. Or if you just think to yourself, actually I kind of like it myself, remember you can shop 24 hours a day on our website at or you can give one of the guys a call in the sales office. 

So that's it guys from us, thanks for stopping by and tuning in. Remember if you've enjoyed the show, please remember to like and subscribe. And remember if you want to get in touch we're available across the whole spectrum of social media, including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

So question of the week, Game of Thrones of course, which house are you? Are you Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Tyrell? Let us know, and drop your answer in the comment box below, keep yourself safe, have a good a week, and I look forward to seeing you guys next week. 

So we've talked about pinball, we've also talked about dartboards. No we haven't 1, 2, 3. Is nearly Orangina o'clock? I think it is, I've worked hard. Yes, Orangina o'clock. 

Jonno: Oh no. 

Ben: Shut up. Casually lean on it like that.

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