HLD Games Room Olympics

Posted by Jess 25 MAY 2016

With the Olympic Games and Invictus Games approaching fast, we thought it would be great fun to host the Games Room Olympics with all of the staff here at Home Leisure Direct. The team will be taking each other on in a head-to-head battle on our showroom products like the Ghostbusters Pinball Machine, Pool Tables and Arcade Machines. 

Keep an eye on this blog to keep up-to-date and to find out who the true Home Leisure Direct Olympian really is!

Game Two - Brunswick Andover Shuffleboard

The next game for the HLD Games Room Olympians to take on was Shuffleboard, none of us were really sure on the rules of the game but Roger gave us an overview of how to play after our Morning Briefing. 

Shuffleboard Qualifier - Amy vs. Ben 

Newcomer Amy has only just started here at HLD so we're not sure on her odds of winning just yet but we were very surprised with her Shuffleboard Gameplay. She took on Ben who has played the game before and fought well, but Ben took the lead to go through to Round One... 


Shuffleboard Round One - Fallon vs. Reece 

Fallon and Reece were set to play next. Both played extremely well but Reece fought off Fallon to head through to Round Two. 

Shuffleboard Round One - Nic vs. Jono

Nic and Jono were set to battle again after Nic defeating Jono in the Ghostbusters Finals. Again, they were both similarly matched on this game with a 14-14 tie near the end. Jono avenged his loss in the Ghostbusters Final to go through to the next Shuffleboard Round. 


Shuffleboard Round One - Andy vs. Stu 

With fighting talk arising in our Morning Briefing, we knew both Stu and Andy were set to win this game. Andy started off the game on top but Stu took the lead and ultimately went through to the next round.

Shuffleboard Round One - Charlotte vs. Abi 

Charlotte and Abi's game started off slow but picked up towards the end, both were fairly matched but Charlotte fought off her competition to go through to the next round. 



Shuffleboard Round One - Josh vs. Lisa 

Next up to play were Josh and Lisa. With Josh being a very competitive player, we were excited to see who would win this one. Josh ultimately defeated Lisa and went through to Round Two to play Roger next. 

Shuffleboard Round One - Jess vs. Ted 

I was up against Ted (well-known Shuffleboard lover at HLD) in this game. It started off really well, I managed to hold my ground to start but Ted evoked his Shuffleboard skill to win the round and go through to play Charlotte next. 

jess-vs-ted.JPG ted-vs-jess.JPG

Shuffleboard Round One - Roger vs. Scott 

This game was bound to be a good one with both knowing their way around a Shuffleboard. Roger crept into the lead to go through to the next round and knock Scott out of the Shuffleboard Tournament. 


Shuffleboard Round One - Ben vs. Dima 

Last to play in Round One were Ben and Dima. Dima rose to the challenge and defeated his opponent, Ben, he then moonwalked through the showrooms in celebration. 

Game One - Ghostbusters Pro Pinball Machine

Ghostbusters Pro Pinball Machine - in Showroom

Roger’s already written down the predicted odds for the Ghostbusters Round. These are as follows:

Jono: 1/1(Evens)
Nic: 1/1 (Evens)
Abi: 1/1 (Evens)
Josh: 1/1 (Evens)
Andy: 2/1
Scott: 8/1
Ted: 10/1
Stu: 10/1
Ben: 14/1
Roger: 14/1
Fallon: 16/1
Dima: 18/1
Mike: 18/1
Jess: 25/1
Reece: 25/1
Lisa: 50/1
Charlotte: 66/1 

With these odds in place, we were all excited to place our bets and get started! 

Ghostbusters Qualifier - Lisa vs. Andy 

To qualify for the Ghostbusters game, Andy and Lisa battled it out in an intense game. Lisa led the way with her first three balls but ultimately lost to Andy who managed to beat her on the last ball. 


Ghostbusters Round One - Abi vs. Roger

With the odds in Abi’s favour, we were looking forward to a great win on her behalf but we were surprised with the outcome. Roger took the win instead, pulling himself through to the next Ghostbusters round. 


Ghostbusters Round One - Ben vs. Dima

Next up were Dima and Ben who were very well matched in terms of skill level and game practice. The scores were extremely close throughout the contest but Ben just scraped through to knock Dima out of the Ghostbusters Game. 


Ghostbusters Round One - Josh vs. Jono

Then it was Josh and Jono’s turn to show off their pinball skills, both with evens odds, it was bound to be a close match between them both. Jono fought off his fairly matched competition to secure his place in the next round. 


Ghostbusters Round One - Jess vs. Scott 

It was then my turn to play the game against Scott, I played my best but Scott managed to hit all of the right shots to knock me out of the Ghostbusters League. 


Ghostbusters Round One - Stu vs. Mike

Up next were Stu and Mike from the Sales Team, they both fought a very good battle but Stu defeated Mike to take the win and go through to the next round. 


Ghostbusters Quarter Finals - Jono vs. Roger

With Roger seeing off Abi in his first round and Jono seeing off Josh, the two were set to play each other to determine who would go through to the Ghostbusters Semi-Finals. The team at HLD gathered around to see who would go through. Both Roger and Jono showed off their pinball skills in their games but with Jono hitting multiball and getting the highest score on the Ghostbusters Pinball so far, he defeated Roger and went through to the Semi-Finals. 


Ghostbusters Quarter Finals - Scott vs. Stu 

Next up to play were Stu and Scott, with the odds on Scott to win. Stu managed to pull through and avenge my loss by defeating Scott and going on to the Semi-Finals. 


Ghostbusters Quarter Finals - Ted vs. Charlotte 

It was then Ted and Charlotte's turn to play, the odds seemed to be correct as Ted managed to defeat Charlotte to make it through to the Semi-Finals. 


Ghostbusters Quarter Finals - Ben vs. Nic

Last to play in the Quarter Finals were Ben and Nic, both played a very skillful game but Nic's pinball expertise shone through in this game as he defeated Ben to make it through to the Semi-Finals to take on Stu. 


Ghostbusters Semi-Final - Ted vs. Jono 

Ted and Jono both made it through to battle it out in the Semi-Finals. They both showed off their pinball skills but Jono ultimately stole the show in this round, making it through to the Finals to play either Nic or Stu. 


Ghostbusters Semi-Final - Nic vs. Stu

It was then Nic and Stu's turn to go head-to-head to see who would take the place in the Finals to play against Jono. It was a tough match with Nic's final score in the billions and Stu's in the millions, Nic made it through to the Finals. 


Ghostbusters Final - Nic vs. Jono

Nic and Jono both made it through to the finals, proving they are two of the best pinball players at HLD. With both of them knowing which shots to hit and how to gain the most points on this machine, we were all expecting a very close game. The whole team gathered round to watch this groundbreaking match and to see who would win the Ghostbusters round of the HLD Games Room Olympics. 


Both Jono and Nic pulled it out of the bag and hit the various shots to get multiball and much more. Nic took the crown in the finals after getting the highest score on the Ghodtbusters Pinball at HLD so far! 

Make sure to put your guesses on who will win the HLD Olympics in the comments below. We'll be posting live updates of scores on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages over the next few weeks! 

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