Pool Tables Available for Christmas

Posted by HLD 07 SEPTEMBER 2021

Uh Oh... we've done it. We have said the 'C' word. Christmas, we're talking about Christmas. We are sorry to bring it up so early, but if you're dreaming of that magical Christmas stood around a pool table then it's time to jump into action now.


Why so early?

  • Low stock
  • Price increases
  • Long delivery wait times

Pool table stock is incredibly limited this year around the world, mostly caused by the global pandemic. Manufacturers, suppliers, and shipping companies have faced issue after issue due to these unprecedented times, plus demand has gone through the roof as customers have used their lockdown to build extensions, complete home projects, and create their dream games room. With pool table stock affected and demand dramatically increasing, prices have rocketed.


But don't fear...

Luckily we predicted something crazy might happen this Christmas as a knock-on effect from the pandemic, so we ordered a huge number of pool tables last year. These tables are only now coming in stock and many have already been sold. So if you're looking for the table of your choice in time for Christmas, for a price that works for you, then order now or phone our sales team for advice to avoid disappointment.



What has caused supply issues and increased prices?

Pool tables consist of four key materials, all facing different supply and pricing difficulties:

Wood - our wood is sustainably sourced from Canada. However, demand is through the roof due to other sectors' demands (housing, furniture, etc) and so the cost is continually increasing.

Metal - all pool tables use metal components for their internal structural support. The prices for steel have increased by up to 40% this year due to increased demand.

Slate - required for a slate bed pool table. These are sourced from Brazil and China, but production has been impacted by both the pandemic and local emissions restrictions.

Shipping - Container shipping costs have increased by over 400% this year due to issues caused by the pandemic (and the canal blockage), and this appears to be increasing further over time.

These issues are why getting supplies in has been so difficult, and unfortunately why you can expect to see price increases over time. So our advice is to order as soon as you can otherwise your dream pool table will be in someone else's home this Christmas.


Which pool tables are available for delivery by Christmas?

We've made it easy for you to browse through the different types of pool tables we have available for delivery in time for Christmas by collecting them all together in one place. We have a choice of pool and pool dining tables including Wood-Bed pool tables, UK Made Slate-Bed English pool tables, Signature Luxury pool tables, and other Luxury pool tables.


Simply click here to see our range of tables.



Wood-Bed pool tables

  • New manufacturer, designed for Home Leisure Direct
  • £400 - £700 budget
  • Great choice of stock
  • Range arriving in October 2021


UK Made Slate-Bed English pool tables

  • 6ft and 7ft sizes, using smaller 2" balls for English pool
  • MDF tables with a laminate finish and slate bed
  • Extremely popular
  • Very limited stock for delivery before Christmas
  • Contact us for availability ASAP


Signature Luxury pool tables

  • Our own brand of market-leading pool tables
  • Best-sellers
  • Great choice of finishes and features for the best price
  • Good choice of stock (at time of writing September 2021) but very popular
  • Subject to availability, contact us now to secure the exact finishes you wish to buy


Other Luxury pool tables

  • £4000+
  • 12-14 different luxury manufacturers designs, with many exclusive to Home Leisure Direct
  • Range of different sizes, finishes, leg choices, table-top choices, and cloth finishes
  • Limited pre-made stock
  • Some bespoke options are available if ordered quickly
  • Contact us to confirm delivery before Christmas


Which Table is Right for Me?

Give our sales team a call and they can listen to your needs and work out what table best suits you from our up-to-date list of pool tables. This includes tables that are currently in our warehouse as well as ones that are due to arrive this year. They can advise you on when you can expect your table.

They're a knowledgeable and happy bunch, so give them a call: 0808 506 7164 or 0808 506 7164.

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