Star Wars News | Episode 11

Posted by Jess 04 NOVEMBER 2015

This episode of the Weekly News is a Star Wars News Special with a Memorabilia giveaway, a glimpse at some of our best Star Wars products such as the Star Wars Battle Pod and we ask the team the big question "Where is Luke Skywalker?"

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Video Transcription

Ben: Guys, welcome to another episode of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. This is our Star Wars Spectacular Edition. So not only are we giving away this amazing piece of signed Star Wars memorabilia, which is for you guys side at home, free of charge, of course, to enter and dead easy. So one of you will win this. But also we're going to cast our eye over some of the best Star Wars products we've got for sale here at Home Leisure Direct. And also, finally, we're going to have a look at the new Star Wars trailer and cast our eye over it and ask some very interesting questions. So whatever you do, stick around.

Now, some of you might know, over the last couple of weeks, we've been working really hard on prepping and getting ready to launch our new memorabilia range. And I'm really pleased to say that finally that day has come. So live on the website, now, we've got a whole array of fantastic memorabilia, all framed and backed with a certificate of authenticity, including items such as this amazing Ronaldo and Messi signed shirts. We've also got this great piece from Al Pacino and Robert Downey Jr. So whether it's sports or movies, we've got everything covered on our website, now, for you guys.

So to celebrate our new launch of memorabilia, we thought it'd be a really cool idea to give you guys an opportunity to win this fantastic signed Star Wars piece that we've got here. Now, as you can see, it looks absolutely awesome. It's fully framed and signed by the big man himself, Darth Vader, Dave Prowse. 

So remember, it's free of charge to enter, and this all you've got to do to be in it with a chance of winning. Step one, all you've got to do is tag your best mate, the most geekiest Star Wars friend you have, in the comments box below. Then two, just share this post. So this Facebook post you're on right now, just click Share and share it with your pals. Now, step three is nice and simple as well. All you've got to do is keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for forthcoming opportunities for you to enter. So there will be more than one chance for you to enter this competition. And remember, as long as you're following those posts and entering by tagging your best mates and then also sharing it, you will enter into the prize draw free of charge. 

So it couldn't be much simpler than that. It runs right the way up until the 18th of November. So everyone's in with a good chance of winning this great piece. May the force be with you.

Now, what products have we got for sale here at Home Leisure Direct that's Star Wars related? Well, the answer is we've got quite a few, including this awesome battle pod. So this battle pod here is absolutely huge, and it immerses you as you sit down into the pod to play the Star Wars game, and as you can see by the graphics, it's absolutely stunning.

Now, if that's a bit too big for you, and believe me it is a big unit, and you want something a bit smaller, well, then why don't you check out the single screen Star Wars Battle Pod or even the dual screen battle pod?

Now, if none of that is doing it for you and you want something a bit more sensible, maybe smaller, then what about a damn good Star Wars Pinball Machine, like this classic Data East that we've got for sale. Now, this game here is an absolute beauty, and it will be a firm favorite with any Star Wars or any pinball fan.

But don't forget, if none of that is ticking the box for you, then we have got this amazing piece of Star Wars memorabilia. Yes, we are giving it away in this show, but also, you can still buy it for 180 quid.

So whether you want a battle pod, a pinball machine, or just your own piece of memorabilia to hang on the wall, Home Leisure Direct, we've got it covered, guys.

Hopefully by now you guys are caught up to date with the latest Star Wars trailer for "The Force Awakens," but you may also have a few questions similar to mine. And my big question is, where is Luke Skywalker? Because seriously look at the poster. Why is he not on the movie poster? And then when the trailer came out and he's not in the trailer at all, I was thinking, "Well, hang on. What have you done with Luke Skywalker?" So Luke's definitely not on the movie poster?

Jonno: Not that I can see.

Ben: He's definitely not in the trailer?

Jonno: I've watched it several times.

Ben: Unless he's the hand that's touching R2-D2.

Jonno: Who's hand?

Ben: But which hand did he get chopped off? So I'm not sure, and I need to find out. So I've got these burning questions. Let's go and ask the team. Jess, do you know where Luke Skywalker is please?

Jess: No

Ben: Okay. Abi, do you know where Luke Skywalker is?

Abi: No.

Ben: Okay. Scotty. Luke Skywalker, where is he?

Scott: Dead.

Ben: He's dead?

Scott: Yeah.

Ben: No he's not. No he's not. Rob, I can see you're busy. Just a quick question.

Rob: Yeah.

Ben: Where is Luke Skywalker? Luke Skywalker, where is he?

Stu: What?

Ben: Okay. Where is Luke Skywalker? Where is he?

Dima: He's in the other showroom.

Ben: He's in the other showroom. Okay. Well, that wasn't very helpful. I've still got absolutely no idea. Not in the trailer, not on the movie poster, and none of these guys know. 

So that's it for another week. Thanks very much, guys, for stopping by and tuning in. Remember, if you've enjoyed the show, please like and subscribe, and remember, we're available right the way across the broad spectrum of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course YouTube.

So my question of the week is obvious. Where is Luke Skywalker? I'm hoping he's in this new movie because I will be seriously bummed out if he's not. But leave your comment in the box below. Maybe you know something that I don't. And also, do not forget. This competition we've got for the free giveaway, it's running right up until the 18th of November. So guys, have fun with it, enjoy it, may the force be with you, and I'll see you next week.

Did you know as a kid, when I was growing up, I actually thought I was Luke Skywalker. I used to wake up in the morning, like maybe age three or age four, and try and move stuff. 

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