Blacklight, Black Wolf & Chelsea Fittings

Posted by Abi 12 NOVEMBER 2013
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We have an exciting day ahead of us here at Home Leisure Direct! Here in our showrooms in Bristol we are having our last change around before Christmas to fit in some really stunning luxury pool tables and to show off our great licensed football club cloths.

Last week we had a beautiful Brunswick Brixton installed in our luxury showroom. This table is really striking with its criss-cross leg design and attractive tone of solid wood, finished with appealing rustic metal sights. We now have this gorgeous 8ft size model in our showroom with a classy Merlot cloth, complimenting the wood grain perfectly.


Today we are having a striking Blacklight pool table installed in our showroom - one of the most expensive pool tables in the UK. It is finished in a stunning shimmering white high gloss and fitted with an orange cloth. This high-end pool table has an impressive design like no other, with curved edges from the playfield, round into the legs and meet on the ground to make a full oval. Despite its fluid appearance, this table is really sturdy and takes four hours to install! I’ve been following our professional installers build the table.

Assembling the body of the table takes a long time, inserting a network of rods and supports for the slate, before building the base.


Then it needs to be upturned very carefully, bearing in mind the slate is very heavy.


Here is our specialist billiards fitter, Tom, marking the table for pool and brushing down the cloth.



We're really pleased with the white finish as it has a subtle sparkle texture to it, that gives the gloss an extra glimmer, so it really won't go unnoticed!


Our fitters then turned on the lighting unit to show off how fab this table really does look when it's all put together!




This table is now complete, but it's not over for our fitters - you can just about see them in the corner here fitting a cloth to a Brunswick Black Wolf. (More below)


I'll make sure I take some more photos of this fantastic table in the evening when the underlighting will look even more impressive. So keep an eye on this blog for more photos.

Our second Brunswick table is being clothed today, you can see below the table with a bare slate. The Brunswick Black Wolf is our most popular Brunswick pool table and we can’t wait to see it finished and looking lovely among our other luxury pool tables.


The cloth is starting to go on...


More photos to come...

We will be updating this blog throughout the day, as our fitters progress, so keep an eye out here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates!

Written By: Abi Ponton

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