Jack Daniel's Rocket 88: Our Collection

Posted by Scott 05 JUNE 2015

The name Jack Daniel’s is instantly recognizable as the company that produces the highest selling American brand of whiskey worldwide. But did you know that Jack Daniel’s also licenses game room products and that Home Leisure Direct is the sole licensee for the company across the UK and all of Europe?

Brilliant, right?

We’ve got a tab on our homepage that will direct you straight to all of their elegantly designed merchandise. Jack Daniel’s has a full range of products—pool tables, football tables, pool accessories, and last but not least, a jukebox.

“A jukebox?” you ask. “Are those still around?”

They most certainly are. The mood and atmosphere that a jukebox instantly adds to a room is a timeless luxury. Picture your game room, which either exists in reality or in your dreams. First, picture it without a jukebox. Now picture it with a jukebox. Do you see the difference? If your imagination is up to snuff, the first image in your mind was just a room, but the second image is drastically different—filled with the sound of music and a noticeable change in the expressed tone of your space.

You may compensate for your jukebox-less game room with a substitute sound system, but the truth is, there is no substitute, really, for having a jukebox in your game room. A jukebox’s sole purpose in life is to add style and elegance to your game room as it plays whatever music suits you best while you’re busy playing pool or table football with your friends.

And if you’re going to have a jukebox in your game room—and we can’t stress enough just how right that decision would be—then why not pick one of the very best? Permit us to recommend Jack Daniel’s Rocket 88 CD Jukebox.

Jack Daniel’s Rocket 88


Right away, this jukebox impresses with its familiar Jack Daniel’s insignia and whiskey label. The sleek, black body and chrome trim of the machine emit strong vibes of retro glory and masculinity. A closer look under the glass reveals 80 slots for CDs as well as a built-in ipod/iphone dock. Inside, the Rocket 88 contains a 300-watt amp and several 5-way speakers including a 12-inch bass speaker and even the output option for up to 6 more speakers!

In other words, there is plenty of substance under all that showy style.

The name of this jukebox reveals the inspiration behind this masterpiece. “Rocket 88” is one of—if not the—oldest rock’n’roll songs, performed in 1951 by Jackie Brenston and the Delta Cats. If you like rock’n’roll from the 50’s, give it a listen. Even if you don’t particularly like rock’n’roll, give it a listen anyway. Show some respect for the beginning of a new cultural era.

So, the jukebox is named after an old rock’n’roll song, which means that it’s a relic from the past, right? Wrong. This jukebox definitely fits in today’s world. If the ipod dock wasn’t a big enough indication, how about the remote that comes with the machine for more modern users who aren’t used to manually choosing their songs on the unit? How about the smooth transition from ipod play to CD play with a touch of a button? The fade in and fade out of the songs are seamless and pleasant to the ears. And if after the CD finishes no new song is chosen, the designers of the Rocket 88 smartly programmed the jukebox to return to where it left off in the ipod playlist. Classy.

This jukebox has brand recognition and class written all over it. Home Leisure Direct is very proud to be the provider of this Jack Daniel’s product. However, if you fancy the original model instead, we have that in stock as well. The original model is manufactured by Sound Leisure, for which we are an officially authorised retailer, and it is priced at £5,370 with a 12-month, on-site warranty that covers all parts and labour. Our Jack Daniel’s edition is £6,297 and includes the same warranty. Remember, the VAT is included in our prices already, and like most of our products, we provide shipping and installation at no extra cost when you make a purchase from us.

You owe it to yourself and your present (or future) game room to buy this timeless and iconic piece of fine craftsmanship. When you are ready to buy and install your jukebox, be sure to choose Home Leisure Direct to handle it and all your other game room needs. We guarantee that you will not find a lower retail price in the UK than what we are offering, and you will not find a more helpful and passionate staff anywhere else.  

Other Jack Daniel’s branded products

Jack Daniel's Football Table Banner

While you’re at it, why not check out our other Jack Daniel’s products. The bold design and brand recognition cannot be ignored.

If you’re interested in discovering the best Jack Daniel’s football table available, look no further than the Bonzini Classic B90 table. It is the most popular in the Bonzini series, and it is exclusively sold by Home Leisure Direct. Its frame and parts are virtually indestructible, but the table’s design conceals its sturdiness behind an appearance of sophistication.

As for Jack Daniel’s pool table selection, there are several models to choose from, but the one we believe you will be most interested in is the Oxford Pool Dining table. It not only looks fantastic as the centerpiece in your game room, but it is also made from wood and cloth of the highest quality for that much needed durability aspect. Plus, when it’s time for a quick lunch or dinner break in between games of pool, the table can be covered with a two-piece dining top. You’ll never have to leave your game room again!   

These and many more Jack Daniel’s products can be viewed on our website and ordered straight from us. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of your choices, and whatever you pick will look amazing in your game room as well.

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