Super Stern Pinball Pioneers

Today we are sharing some exciting Limited Edition Stern pinball machines with you. Stern is the leading company in pinball manufacture and are known for their immersing game-play and quality machines.

All of these models are highly sought after, hard to get hold of outside of the USA and they are the last couple of these fantastic machines that we can source until they are all gone! In such cases, such as the Hulk and Wolverine special editions, only 250 machines were made, so if you’re interested, contact us and get your hands on one before they all disappear!

X-Men and Wolverine Limited Editions

These Limited Edition X-Men pinball machines are thrilling games in which you can assemble X-Men characters to help you defeat Magnito and many other villains and gain as many points as possible. It is certainly made for true fans of the original comics as it celebrates Stan Lee’s much loved X-Men series, immersing fans in a new adventure with their favourite superheroes. This impressive game includes a moulded Wolverine figurine complete with a magnet, which will throw the ball in all directions and a Magnito figurine, who will keep pinball balls captive. During the Magnito multi-ball game mode, a spinning magnet spins the balls around, scattering them in all directions.Pop up nightcrawler targets, make the game even more interesting and are only available during certain times in the game, so you’ll have to be quick to catch them!

This game has great sound effects and a fantastically bright and colourful play field, thanks to LED lights. It also includes pop-up bumpers, special game modes and fantastic high definition colour cabinets. It also includes a huge moving iceman ramp, 3 flippers, a scoop with mystery features and bonuses and individual X-Men hero rollover targets among other flashy features.

The Wolverine edition glorifies one of the most famous X-Men with mirrored back glass, high definition cabinet decals, illuminated windows, powder coated side armour, legs and trim and unique LED and arch colours.
With an individually numbered plaque (1 - 250), a certificate of authenticity and a personally signed play field by the designer, it gives a truly unique look to the machine and is highly recommended for any Wolverine fanatic.

X-Men Wolverine Pinball

Avengers and The Hulk Limited Edition

This pinball machine celebrates the Avengers in a Limited Edition game in which the aim is to assemble all of the Avengers individually to defeat Loki. This exhilarating game is most certainly for fans of the original Marvel comics, TV shows and films, as knowing the characters and back stories to the superheroes will really increase your enjoyment of the game.

The play field is a dazzling array of flashing lights and fast gameplay, with amazing back board graphics and exciting sounds. Each Avenger has individual targets and all have specific sound effects and back board graphics for when they agree to join the avengers. Once you have recruited all of them, the icons at the bottom light up and you can try to defeat Loki together as a team.

This breath-taking game comes complete with a bridge throwing Hulk mechanism and a spinning multiplier cube. There are also chances to activate mind-blowing multi-ball games including an awesome 6 ball multi-ball game that will leave your head spinning and adrenaline pumping.

And for fans of the Hulk, this thrilling machine celebrates the famous green hero in a special Hulk edition, which includes a Hulk themed mirror and ‘gamma’ green LED displays along with green cabinet trim and an illuminated bottom arch.

Avengers Limited Edition Hulk Pinball Machine - Main

Written By: Abi Ponton

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