Battle of the Paddle Final

Posted by Abi 01 APRIL 2015
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Local table tennis league Battle of the Paddle reached a climax last week as the final matches were played out to decide who would be crowned champion. 

Last week the Home Leisure Direct team made their way to the Vivo Sports & Gym Club after a day in the offices to meet with other local businesses who have all been competing in the Battle of the Paddle table tennis league. Andy and Roger have been our ping pong A-team since the first Battle of the Paddle event at Kongs barcade and had only lost one match. The teams that had got through to this round were the best of the bunch, so team HLD aka Up the Creek started the night at Vivo with a quarter final match.


After a tricky few games, Andy and Roger came out on top in a race to 11, ‘best of three’. 


The rules for the semi finals were changed slightly to become ‘best of five’ matches rather than ‘best of three’, first to 11, although the winning team had to win by two points difference. With one central table tennis table and a dedicated scorer and scoreboard, the pressure was on for Andy and Roger to perform well in full focus of the Battle of the Paddle audience.  


The competition was tough and the opposing team were on form. Up the Creek had played against this team before and were prepared for a tough game.  


The scores were close throughout all of the games, but Andy and Roger managed to bring the match back around by only a few points to earn their place in the Battle of the Paddle Finals.

After a short break to regain their strength, Up the Creek were back up and ready for more ping pong action. Their opposition was a good team that they’d come across once in a previous league meet.


Andy and Roger won the first game, but their opponents were soon showing their consistency of play. Before long, both sides had two games under their belt and were hungry to win the deciding game. 

The last game couldn’t have been closer, with points being exchanged back and fourth until 11 was reached and it was down to one team to win by two points.


Eventually, both teams were exasperated, but Andy and Roger’s opponents managed to gain the two extra points needed to win the match.


Overall, being involved with Battle of the Paddle was a lot of fun and we’re chuffed to have made it to the final, but in the end the best team won - unfortunately that wasn’t us!


Thanks to everyone who joined in, it was great to chat to other local businesses taking part in the league, but they better watch out for next time, as Andy and Roger have vowed to get some ping pong practice in to try to win the next one!

Written By: Abi Ponton

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