Ping Pong Summer: 2015 Guide

Posted by Scott 08 MAY 2015

Summer is a great time for ping pong. Day or night, inside or outside, with one friend or a whole party of friends—ping pong has you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of all the different ways you can enjoy your summer games to the fullest and making is a ping pong summer!

Blowing Games
Get an intense game of Blow Pong going. Simply place the ball on a table, have two or more people face off, determine the goal lines, and start blowing! This game is primarily aimed for kids, but it can definitely be enjoyed by adults who are in the right mood. The competition can get fierce and leave you breathless…literally.

Extra modes for extra fun:

Use straws for precision blowing

Put as many ping pong balls on the table as possible and rack up the points in a frenzy

Place obstacles on the table for a more arena-like experience

Target Games
You knew this was coming. Besides being primarily intended for table tennis, ping pong balls are closely associated with the college sport known as Beer Pong. You can find a whole article about the game on our blog. There are countless variations of this drinking game, all with equally creative names. But the point is to have fun with ping pong balls and maybe get drunk in the process. 

Whether you’re playing to get inebriated or simply for the joys of landing that ball precisely where intended, the many versions of hitting a target never get old. There’s just something satisfying about dropping a ball into a plastic cup.

Extra modes for extra fun:

You don’t have to use plastic cups for targets. You can cut holes out of cardboard and label each one a different amount of points. Or you can use bowls and buckets. Or open mouths. The possibilities are endless.

Finding it hard to land the ball in the cup without it popping back out? Try cushioning the inside with a paper towel.

Why not switch things up and use the ping pong ball as the target? It’s a perfect addition to your personalized shooting gallery.

beer pong summer.jpg

Pool Games
Why not throw a bunch of the floating balls into a pool and compete to collect the most. Or spread them out like a mine field and try to travel the length of the pool without touching them. Or recreate Blow Pong but with a much bigger playing field and using splashing instead of blowing to move the ball(s). You just can’t go wrong with ping pong balls in the pool.

Did you know that ping pong balls are highly flammable? Yeah. Fulfill your pyromaniac dreams.

Or did you know that cats go insane for ping pong balls rolling on a hard floor? Watch Fluffy go!

How about some artwork or science projects? Ping pong balls are great for both due to their unique properties. One especially popular activity is making silly eyes.

Ping pong balls also work well for a few rounds of Bingo. You’ll need a lot, though.

Finally, self-induce homemade hallucinations using ping pong balls via the Ganzfeld effect.

Variations on the Original
Of course, you could also just play hours and hours of traditional table tennis, but if you ever get tired of playing the normal way, here are a few tricks to renew the fun factor:

Table Hockey—put the ball in a paper puck costume and use popsicle sticks to knock it back and forth across a table.

Basket Pong—attach a plastic cup to each long end of a table and compete to make it in the other player’s basket before he does. Apply various strategies of bouncing, rolling, and throwing the ball to get the upper-hand. Blocking is allowed, but no goaltending by placing your hand over the mouth of the cup.

If you don’t have any friends to play with, simply upend one side of a ping pong table and play against yourself. Simple.

Remember how flammable a ping pong ball is? Why not try table tennis with a ping pong ball on fire! (or maybe not)

Suddenly, you have a full schedule of endless entertainment planned out for your summer, and it’s all thanks to the little white ball. Besides the ones on this list, there are hundreds of other activities out there waiting to be discovered. What ingenious game will you think of next?

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