Royal Two Piece Peradon Snooker Cue

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    Our Royal Two Piece Peradon Snooker Cue comes with Free Delivery (worth £15), plus we have the Lowest UK Price.


    The Royal features a hand spliced Ebony butt.

    About Two Piece Peradon Snooker Cue Range

    A collection of two piece full size (58"), English made ash snooker cues, all fitted with 9 ½ to 10mm Elkmaster tips.

    About Peradon Snooker Cues

    Founded in 1885, Peradon are the world's oldest cue manufacturing company who were responsible for the introduction and manufacture of the handspliced cue, setting the standards for others to follow.

    Peradon cues have been used by the game's greatest players and continue to be used by high-ranking professionals. Probably the game's most famous player, Joe Davis, also favoured a Peradon cue and gave the company sole rights to use his name.

    Peradon cues are made in England using unrivalled historical knowledge and skills to produce cues that have the desired 'feel' that distinguishes their quality cues from the rest. They use the traditional cue making techniques developed by their company with the advantages of some modern techniques. The utmost care and attention to detail throughout manufacture ensures that the standards of quality they maintain are unbeaten by any other manufacturer in the world.

    Peradon purchases more timber than any other English cue manufacturer enabling them to select a higher quality of Ash or Maple for the production of the shaft. Having been cut to an oversize square the shaft timbers are left to settle for a period before the craftsman shapes this to an accurately dimensioned cue blank. Further selection processes then grade the cues for machine, or handspliced cues and ensure that only the finest timbers with the correct strength and straightness are used.

    The butt timber is then spliced onto the shaft. There are two methods of splicing: either by machine or by hand, the two methods being very different and producing cues of different appearances.

    Machine splicing is less expensive than hand splicing but is a very effective way of adding the hardwood timber to the shaft. The butt timber is cut to provide four points, which are glued into four slots machined into the shaft timber. The finished cue has a distinctive four point pattern where the butt meets the shaft.


    Handsplicing is the traditional method developed by Peradon for splicing the butt timber to the shaft. The shaft, which at this stage is an oversize cylindrical taper, has two flats planed on opposite sides of the butt end. The Hardwood butt timber, usually Ebony, is glued to these flats. The cue is then rotated through 90 degrees and two further flats are planed and two more pieces of butt timber glued in place. The cue is then shaped to produce the distinctive four rounded point pattern where the butt meets the shaft.The appearance of the cues can be further enhanced with additional splices of Peradon's large range of exotic timbers and colourful veneers.

    Jointed cues are then cut at the appropriate position and a brass joint is carefully fitted taking great care to ensure that the grain of the shaft timber lines up either side of the joint. This shows that the cue is made from one piece of shaft timber, which is imperative to the performance of the cue, because it ensures that the timber is consistent in strength throughout the length of the cue.

    The joint positions provide different styles of cue. Two piece cues have the joint fitted in the centre whilst 3/4 jointed cues are available with the joint located 12", 14" or 16" from the butt and will accept an optional extension. Some cues now also feature butt end joints where an extension may be screwed directly into the end of the butt. All jointed Peradon cues feature solid brass 'Quick Action' joints, which release within a maximum of 1 1/2 turns.

    Numerous sanding and finishing processes are then undertaken to achieve a unique 'silk smooth' finish prior to the fitting of the brass ferrule, Elkmaster tip and traditional leather butt pad.

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