10 Crimes Against Pac-Man

Posted by Michelle 01 JANUARY 0001

When I think of classic arcade machines and games the first thing that comes to mind is Pac-Man. Who would have thought that this little yellow guy would have become such an important peice of arcade history and pop culture?

Thirty two years on people are still paying homage to this classic icon, but in all honesty we would rather they didn't, as we present to you a tasteless, absolutely horrible collection we like to call ....

10 Crimes Against Pac-Man

10) Pac-Man Plushy Hat

Well put it this way, wearing this is a sure fire way to make yourself look absolutely ridiculous. If this hat is supposed to be a joke, it's not funny trust me. Those laughs you are getting are at you, not with you my friend. You can salavge what little street cred you had if you just hide it away and we will pretend this whole thing never happened.


9) Pac-Man Poodle

I really feel for this dog, Look at the dead look in it's eyes. What little self respect this pooch ever had is long gone. All this dog wants is for someone to send him off to Dog Island so he can live out it's final years with a bit of respect. Pac-Man would have never agreed to this.

pacman dog.jpg

8) Pac-Man Boxer Shorts

There is no way on earth a grown man should be wearing pants like these. Unless you are 12 years old, There is no simply excuse for such a creepy pair of undercrackers in your underwear drawer. Game Over? With pants like these the game never started.

7) The 'Real' Pac-Man

Always wanted to know what Pac-Man looked like in real life? Now you wish you hadn't. Some things are just not mean't to be.


6) Pac-Man Birthday Cake

"Suprise!" Um, you shouldn't have. No really, you should't have.

Terrible Pac Man Cake.jpg

5) Pac-Man Fancy Dress

There is a strong chance this dress creates it's own static charge. I wonder if she thought when she started her modelling career that she would be modeling a polyester pac-man dress for £24.99? If you are going to a fancy dress party, at least make the effort.


4) Hideous Pac-Man Tattoo

I'm pretty sure she is going to live ot regret this choice. Yes dear, we all love Pac-Man but shaving the front of my hair and tattooing it on your face is just taking it too far.


3) Pac-Man Fancy Dress Suit

This looks as like a costume that a creeper would wear to a kids party. There is something very unnerving about a grown man wearing a suit like this for fun. There is a strong possibility that this dude is related to the McDonalds Hamburglar.


2) Disgusting Japaense Pac-Man Cake

Well this looks revolting. This creation was to celebrate 30 years of Pac-Man and was sold through the Circle K stores in Japan. There is something nuclear about this lurid yellow sugarbomb. I thought the previous cake was bad but this doesn't even look like food all from the country that gave us 'shirako'. *shudders*


Last by by no means least..............



1) The Pimp My Ride...... Pac-Man Car

........ this monstrosity. It's bad enough when people take £400 cars and stick £300 spoilers and £1000 wheels on them, but this is taking it to a whole new level of stupid. This is so bad it's almost good. Not only is the exterior painful to look at, but the interior and the detail on the alloys is mind boggling. If Pimp My Ride did Pac-Man.......

This list of disgustingly brilliant Top 10 Crimes Against Pac-Man was compiled by Home Leisure Direct.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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