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Here's a wide variety of articles on table tennis tables that include the health benefits, the best games, how-to guides and so much more. If you're a table tennis fan keep an eye out on this section as it's updated regularly.

Why Table Tennis Table is a great idea this summer 2018

Posted by Jakub 11 May 2018

With the sun finally out in the UK, it’s a perfect time for some outdoor activities; a trip to the beach or to go for a bike ride. Well, why don’t you give your family a surprise with a table tennis table!

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What size room do I need for a Table Tennis Table?

Posted by Michelle 10 February 2016
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If you are thinking of purchasing a table tennis table for the home and want to know how much room you will need this guide will help....

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Table Tennis: What Country Loves It The Most?

Posted by Scott 10 July 2015

Table tennis tables have become increasingly popular in family homes, youth clubs, sports clubs, schools and many other places. The reason? It's easy to play and one of the only sports where a 70 year old and a 12 year old can have a competitive match. Millions play the sport across the globe but which country loves it the most?

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T3 Ping Pong: Revolution In Table Tennis

Posted by Scott 18 June 2015

Table tennis tables have become incredibly popular in recent years but T3 Ping Pong have gone the extra mile to produce a table that accommodates up to 12 players.This unique table has several benefits over the conventional shape. Find out more in this article

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Table Tennis Tables: The Top 5 Luxury Tables

Posted by Scott 12 May 2015

Table tennis tables go far beyond your standard wooden table in 2015. Multi functional concrete and steel tables are available along with some other really amazing designs. Check out the top 5 here.

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Ping Pong Summer: 2015 Guide

Posted by Scott 08 May 2015

Our ping pong summer article covers a range of fun games you can play with family and friends by just using a ping pong ball! Table tennis, beer pong, blowing games, target games and so much more!

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BeerPong: The Only Guide You Need

Posted by Scott 30 April 2015
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Summer is coming and so is table tennis! Table tennis tables have multiple functions they can be used to play, used as a table and used for the infamous american game beer pong! We've made a simple guide on how to play the game. Infographic inside

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Table Tennis: 29 Crazy Health Benefits

Posted by Scott 22 April 2015

Table tennis has incredible mental and physical benefits. We have researched the topic deeply and found some crazy benefits. Without further ado, here's the 29 benefits of table tennis!

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