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If you're looking for articles on arcade machines, arcade games, video games, arcade cabinets, history of arcades and more then you've come to the right place! We have a huge selection of arcade machines that covers all the retro machines all the way up to modern consoles. We are passionate about arcade machines here at Home Leisure Direct and you'll often find a member of staff on a classic pacman machine or street fighter!

Ten Great Superhero Games

A look at ten of the best superhero games in video gaming history!

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The Best and Worst Alien Games

A run-down of the very best and worst games from the Alien franchise!

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Star Wars Day 2017 - The Ten Greatest Star Wars Games of All Time

To celebrate National Star Wars Day 2017 we have created a run-down of ten of the greatest Star Wars games ever made!

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A Short History of Virtual Reality

A potted history of Virtual Reality, from the earliest 3D devices to the latest in VR technology!

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The Greatest Arcade Machines, Video Games & Consoles of All Time

Posted by Scott 03 December 2015

We've built this awesome infographic showing you the best selling video games, arcade machines and consoles of all time. See if you can guess some of the top sellers in each category!

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Brand New and Exclusive : ArcadePro Arcade Machines

Posted by Jess 20 November 2015

We have a brand new range of Arcade Machines available, ArcadePro, which is exclusively available with us at Home Leisure Direct. Find out how the ArcadePro range differs from other Arcade Machines in this blog!

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Arcade Machines: In Celebration of Pac-Man’s 35th Anniversary

Posted by Scott 10 August 2015

240 pellets, 4 power pellets, and 4 ghosts named Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde—that is classic Pac-Man. The character of Pac-Man is one of the most well-known video game icons worldwide, perhaps second only to Mario. Pac-Man’s contribution to the gaming and arcade machines world is unprecedented, so for his 35th anniversary this year, Home Leisure Direct would like to give a proper tribute to the Pacster. We hope you enjoy the history and incredible facts surrounding this yellow circle with a triangular mouth.

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Star Wars Battle Pod Exclusive News

Posted by HLD 05 June 2015
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If you're impatiently waiting for the new Star Wars movie to come out, check out the new Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Machine to get your Star Wars fix early!

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