Competitive Socialising

Competitive socialising is one of the biggest trends in the hospitalisty industry. Our expert analysis and content is designed to help businesses take advantage of this new way of socialising.

Competitive Socialising 2022 Wrap-up

We review the highlights of Competitive Socialising 2022: The Power of Play.

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What Is Competitive Socialising?

Learn more about one of the hospitality industry's hottest trends. Competitive socialising is transforming the way people spend time together.

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Serious Fun at Competitive Socialising 2020

Massive success for Competitive Socialising 2020 as Home Leisure Direct host new industry event. Learn more about the amazing speakers, delegates and new products from #CS2020.

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Less Booze And More Social Events In Today's Universities

Student life has changed, universities is that students are looking for more than just a few beers, They want competitive gaming capabilities and more of an engaging social environment.

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