Fully Customised GamePro 230 Cocktail Arcade Machine

Posted by Michelle 25 JANUARY 2013
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We really pride ourselves in our range of UK made classic style arcade machines. There are hundreds of retro style arcade machines out there on the market, most of which are not only imported but made from economy parts and have a poor finish. None of which we will sell you’ll be glad to hear!

The wonderful thing about purchasing any of our classic arcade machines from Home Leisure Direct is that even some of our entry level models are entirely customisable! Don’t like the cabinet art? Let us know we can change it! Want blue control buttons to fit in with the rest of your games room decor, not an issue for us. We will try to accommodate any requests for on our own GamePro brand of arcade machines. It's all part of the service!

Customised GamePro 230 Cocktail Arcade Machine

We recently commissioned one of our GamePro 230 Classic Arcade machines to be made for a customer very specific requirements. They we’re looking for something to look very slick and high end. They liked the idea of it looking very modern with carbon finish detailing and blue illuminated buttons. We took down their spec, none of which was an issue as all of the arcade machines we build are to order, by hand, in the UK and we can swap and change any bits we see fit, something very few retailers are able to offer.

We have just finished putting together this Classic GamePro 230 Cocktail Arcade machine and it looks stunning, we had to take a photo of it to share with you guys straight away just before it was packed.

We are in love with the carbon detail with blue buttons, it looks like such a stylish combination. There is just something about the ambient glow that the blue buttons give that takes me back to the arcades of the 1980's.

Close up of GamePro Illuminated Blue Buttons

Remember our range of GamePro Arcade Machines can be completely customised including any cabinet art you wish, pretty much any button colours and joystick combinations. When doing your research on purchasing arcade machines and weighing up the options always consider that if you buy a machine that's built in the UK, we will always be able to source parts as we build them in house.

There is something special about being able to design arcade machines for clients to fit in with their games rooms and homes, it's a bespoke service for an off the shelf price.

If you have any questions about our GamePro arcade machines then please give us a call or pop in the Bristol showroom where we have 4 currently on display.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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