Arcade Machines: The UK's #1 Stop For Arcade Gaming

Posted by Scott 18 MAY 2015

Do you know what arcade games you should be excited about this year? Home Leisure Direct has you covered. In the coming months, we will be adding some very exciting arcade machines to our already amazing collection.

Here are some of the highlights to look forward to:

Tekken 7 is the next installment in the highly-successful fighting game series. Featuring new characters and new ways to play, this beautiful game is a must for any fan of the fighter genre.

tekken 7.jpg

Pokken Tournament reveals everything in its name alone. Take the fighting style of Tekken, combine it with the characters of Pokemon, and you’ve got this unique game! A much needed new spin on the fighting genre, this game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 


Time Crisis 5 ups the ante on the tried and true formula of this light gun series by giving the player two pedals to use. With these pedals at your disposal, you will be able to implement a whole new flanking system that will confuse the bad guys and get you pumped for more.

time crisis 5 .jpg

Star Wars: Battle Pod was already mentioned in our recent article on the most immersive arcade machines, but we just can’t stop being excited about it (and we’re sure you agree). The next step in the evolution of on-rails shooters, this game promises intense action and in-your-face Star Wars goodness.

star wars battle pod.jpg

Jurassic Park Arcade is an epic light gun adventure in a sit-down cabinet with mounted guns and the same successful gameplay style found in other popular arcade games like Deadstorm Pirates, Transformers: Human Alliance, and Dark Escape 4D. We haven’t been this excited for a Jurassic Park arcade game since The Lost World: Jurassic Park was released way back in 1997!

jurassic park .jpg

So, are you excited yet? 

While you wait for all of these amazing games to come out, why don’t you enjoy what we already have to offer on location? There are over 30 years’ worth of arcade gems to discover, and we’ve got it all—light gun games, rhythm and dance games, racing games, retro games, and everything else your gamer heart could desire. Don’t believe us? Check out our Arcade Machine Buyer’s Guide video to see what you’re missing in life.

Most importantly, we want to focus your attention on our line of multigame arcade machines manufactured right here in the UK. These machines have too many features to mention in just one article, but here is a quick rundown:

Pre-loaded with hundreds of arcade games and the ability to load thousands more

Custom designs for every controls scheme imaginable, including joysticks, trackballs, and light gun capabilities

Hookup options for your PS3 or XBOX 360/One console and controllers

Emulation of older consoles’ libraries of games, such as those of the NES, SNES, and Mega Drive

USB 2.0 ports and Wi-Fi connectivity

These multigame machines are incredibly popular here at Home Leisure Direct. We can’t stress enough how much fun it is to own one of these dream machines. Imagine—every video game you have ever played in one extremely-accessible arcade cabinet. It’s every gamer’s dream come true.

Our most popular design is the cocktail model. Sleek, comfortable, and looking right at home in your living room, game room, or lounge, the cocktail machine is perfect for a group of friends sitting down together for some multiplayer action. Check out the Synergy Play Cocktail Arcade Machine and fall in love with it in mere seconds.

If an upright cabinet is more your style, we recommend the Nu-Gen Play Arcade Machine. Fully customisable in design and coming with a 32-inch screen, there’s nothing better at instantly turning your home or work space into a high-functioning, single-machine arcade that will blow your friends’ minds.

Trust us, you want one of these machines, especially while you wait for us to get this year’s best, up and coming arcade machines later on. Don’t forget to come and say hi to us at our showroom whenever you get the chance, and keep gaming on. 

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