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Posted by HLD 05 JUNE 2015
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New Star Wars Arcade Game: Battle Pod! | Exclusive News

As a huge Star Wars fan you must be impatiently waiting for your new Star Wars fix. The problem is you have at least another year to wait for the movie. 

What if you could get your Star Wars fix earlier, potentially having a realistic experience of flying the Millennium Falcon in your home?

You can! We have partnered up with Bandai Namco and we will be exclusively releasing a home version of the newly released Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade machines and the best part of this is, you can order yours today!

EAG International 2015 - Star Wars Arcade Machine

The Super Cool Features of The New Battle Pod

As a die-hard Star Wars fan it would have been a dream to control the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader’s advanced fighter, speeder bikes or the X-Wing. That dream is now a reality with the new Star Wars Arcade Battle Pod! Bandai Namco have confirmed that there will be a unique dome screen your entire area of sight and arcade gameplay, it sounds amazing! There will be five epic stages recreated from the Star Wars Trilogy. This is shaping up to be an epic gaming pod. 

Fans across the globe are getting super excited about the game. Many commented and tweeting about how incredible the screen and controls look. This will be a truly unique experience, it couldn’t have come at a better time too with the new Star Wars films approaching. There has definitely been a resurgence in arcade gaming in the last few years and it’s a pleasure to see, the graphics may not be the best compared to your console but the overall experience far exceeds a controller and 42” screen. You can also take a look at our Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Machine!

How Realistic Can It Get?

The pod will create the sensation of actually flying and taking hits with unique vibration technology that will allow the game to be super realistic. You will genuinely feel that you’re in there cockpit of a Star Wars flying machine. 

EAG International 2015 - Star Wars Arcade Machine

The Breaking News

What you may be asking is how is this exclusive news? This is old news for most but we have a HUGE announcement. We have come to an agreement with Bandai Namco to create a “Home” version of this machine and we are taking pre-orders starting TODAY! The version that has been unveiled to the world is for arcade purposes, but how cool would it look in your games room!? You can use our games room designer to find out how much room would be needed for the home version. We are very excited for this and we will hopefully be showcasing it at our showrooms in Bristol soon. 

EAG International 2015 - Star Wars Arcade Machine

Why The “Home” Version?

The home version will be exactly the same as the arcade version with some slight differences to how the product is handled. We will be the exclusive retsailers for this product in the UK and we will treat it like any other product we sell. Free delivery and installation!

We also got in contact with one of the head guys at Bandai Namco in Europe and asked 5 key questions we wanted to address:

Does it get delivered and installed to each home customer?

"That would be your responsibility". This means award winning customer service which includes free delivery and installation!

Is the home version in anyway different to the arcade version? Is the experience the same?

"The experience is exactly the same!"

Is there an easy way to make it free-play for home users?

"Within the software you can easily set in freeplay." (Great news)

Tell us more about the limited edition versions with hand printed decals?

"There's more information on the website ref the limited edition versions, no form pricing through yet but we expect RRP to be around £68,000"

How soon can a customer get their hands on one?

"Soon :)"

If you want to stay updated with this or any other games room related topics, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to this new development, any questions please ask!

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