The New ArcadePro Arcade Machines Are Ready to Roll Out!

Posted by HLD 31 AUGUST 2018
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Our new range of ArcadePro arcade machines is here and ready to roll out!

Here at Home Leisure Direct we’re very proud to announce that we have a brand new range of arcade machines to suit everyone’s needs, all packed with games to scratch that nostalgic itch that all arcade gamers get once in a while. Whether you just want a simple, cost-effective home arcade machine or you’re looking for something to make all your arcade-loving friends turn green with envy, our ArcadePro range has got you covered.

All of our ArcadePro machines use top-quality components - including the incredible Happ joysticks.

ArcadePro Mercury 1299 TV Console:

ArcadePro Mercury Arcade Machine 1

The Mercury 1299 is an amazing piece of kit which plugs into your TV like a home console and gives you access to 1299 arcade games with arcade controls, without taking up anywhere near as much space as a full arcade cabinet. Plug the Mercury into your television and turn your living room into an arcade venue!


ArcadePro Venus 1299 Bar Top:

ArcadePro Venus Arcade Machine 1

The Venus 1299 is another great space-saving arcade machine that doesn’t compromise on looks or performance. Designed to replicate the top half of an arcade but sit on a bar, desk or table, the Venus gives you all of the classics in a beautiful package.


ArcadePro Mars 60 Cocktail:

ArcadePro Mars Arcade Machine 1

Some gamers prefer a cocktail arcade machine instead of an upright, and the Mars offers classic sit-down gameplay with many of your favourite games. With its sturdy construction it doubles as a surface when not in use, but we can’t imagine you’ll ever be able to stop playing.


ArcadePro Neptune 1162 Cocktail:

ArcadePro Neptune Arcade Machine 1

The Neptune is the ultimate cocktail arcade machine, with controls on both ends as well as on the side. Play horizontal games like beat-em-ups on the side controls, or vertical games like shooters by sitting at the ends. Play two-player and the screen will automatically flip to orient itself to whichever player is up next, so you can stare down your opponents while you compete for a high score!


ArcadePro Saturn 1299 and Saturn 5794:

ArcadePro Saturn Arcade Machine 1

Both of our Saturn arcade machines are designed to emulate the shaping of a modern arcade cabinet, offering you a great range of games in an arcade anyone would be proud to have in their own home. Take on your friends across a stunning range of games: if 1,299 just isn’t enough, how about 5,794? You’ll never run out of classic arcade games to remember - or to play for the first time.


ArcadePro Jupiter 1299 and Jupiter 5794:

ArcadePro Jupiter Arcade Machine 1

The Jupiter features more classic shaping than the Saturn but with the same modern technology and features. Play classic one-on-one fighters, side-scrollers and more with (or against) a friend! Bring the magic of the arcades into your own home with this incredible machine.


ArcadePro Andromeda 1299 and Andromeda 5794:

ArcadePro Andromeda Arcade Machine 4

The Andromeda is the top of the ArcadePro range and is a phenomenal piece of arcade hardware. With its huge screen, responsive controls and mind-blowing range of games, the Andromeda replicates the deluxe sit-down arcade machines which are particularly popular in Japan. Excellent for one-on-one fighting games in particular, but still amazing for any type of game, the Andromeda  has a huge range of installed games and is the ultimate arcade experience in your own home.


If you want to know more about our ArcadePro arcade machines, click here to see our complete range or call one of our knowledgeable sales team on 0800 622 6464 to find out more.

Written By: Dave Morgan

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