Office Breakout Of The Year - Finalist Roundup

Posted by HLD 20 MARCH 2019


After several weeks and several entries from all over the country, Office Breakout of the Year has entered its most crucial stage - The voting! Before rushing over to our voting page do decide your favourite, take a look here at a roundup of our 10 lucky finalists, each in with a chance of winning the £3000 worth of team building events.

With all that said, here’s your 10 Office Breakout of the Year Finalists!

SLG Brands

Location - Cheltenham

SGL-8.jpg SGL-9.jpg

SLG Brand’s breakout space cost £3 million to develop and has been described by the SLG team as an “Idyllic Paradise”. SLG Brand’s modern breakout space covers an unbelievable 30,000sq ft, and includes plenty of bean bags or hammocks to recharge, and even retro arcade machines to get competitive.

People Source Consulting 

Location - Bristol

PSG-4.jpg Fifa-players.jpg

The employees at People Source Consulting are more than covered when it comes to keeping stress at bay during the day! This oasis of games makes up for a third of the entire office space, complete with pool tables, gaming systems with projectors and even a loaded beer fridge!


Location - Solihull

Sales-i’s motto is to “Work hard, play harder”, and that credo couldn’t be clearer with their expansive office. Sales-i have less of a break out area, instead integrating smaller breakout spaces all over the office, including virtual reality gaming, table tennis tables and pool tables for in-office tournaments!


Location - Lancaster

api.jpg api-9.jpg

Welcome to “The Hub”, Accessplanit’s brilliant breakout space. “The Hub” takes advantage of special tiered seating, allowing the entire team to assemble to watch games of pool between colleagues, complete with a TV dedicated to showing videos of whatever the team wishes to watch or have in the background.

Digital 22

Location - Clitheroe

Reclaimed and repurposed is the running theme with Digital 22’s space. Everything in the space is themed with it in mind, including the car seat inspired sofas, the tables made from driftwood and even the pool table made in a driftwood finish. Even with this theme, Digital 22’s team can even enjoy a good time on the various retro games consoles available to play.

Zest Digital

Location - Oxford

zest-1.jpg zest-6.jpg

A slice of game and relaxation paradise in the middle of the office! Zest Digital’s office breakout space is well defined and adaptable with its lush green faux-grass carpet that can allow not only for  impromptu football games, but with an on-site popcorn machine and games consoles, the team can gather round to either game or watch movies together.

Ashville Asset Management

Location - Bristol

ashville-1.jpg ashville-3.jpg

Ashville Asset Management’s breakout space is loaded to the brim with different pieces of equipment to keep employees active during their breaks! Ashville Asset Management wants to encourage collatoration between its team members, and what better way than taking your pick from playing table tennis, foosball or even one of two arcade machines for friendly head to head action.


Location - Cheltenham

16i-1.jpg 16i-5.jpg

If you’re looking for a great place to brew great ideas for work, look no further than 16i’s simple, but stylish space located at the heart of their office. The space has become a focal point for the team’s social interactions, and with pool to play, plenty of places to relax as well as a beer fridge to take advantage of on Friday afternoons, why wouldn’t it?

Roc Search

Location - Reading

One word can describe many’s first reaction to Roc Search’s space - Breathtaking. This enormous relaxation space has theme and attractions in spades, including two American pool tables, roadway inspired floors, gaming consoles to play and a huge dining area space to bring employees together.

SEC Group

Location - Stevenage

Sec.jpg Sec-3.jpg

As a company dedicated to fitting out offices day to day, SEC Group knew exactly what they were doing when it came to getting their perfect office breakout space put together. This roomy break space features a grand English pool table to play, as well as a generous kitchen area for the much needed drinks on Friday!


And that rounds up our 10 finalists for this year’s Office Breakout Of The Year competition! We’ve only featured a handful of images from each of our finalists here, so be sure to check out the full collection of images on our voting page. Voting closes on the 7th of April 2019 at midnight, so head to our voting page and make your choice count!

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