Office Breakout of the Year - Winner Announced!

Posted by HLD 18 APRIL 2019


After a hard fought battle for votes between 10 of the UK's finest office breakout spaces, we are very proud to announce the winners of our first Office Breakout of the Year competition - SLG Brands of Cheltenham! Based in the centre of Cheltenham in their incredible £3 million offices, SLG Brands pioneers the latest beauty and health products for some of the world's leading brands, such as Little Mix, Zoella and even Superdry, and can be found across the globe. SLG Brands stole the show with their incredible £3 million office space that since its debut continues to take the breath away from visitors and staff alike. We broke the news to SLG brands and they were delighted at the news and promptly invited us to be shown around.


Introducing Project Paradise - SLG Brands' Incredible Office Space

SLG Brands have created one of the most expansive and unique work spaces ever created, covering an enormous first floor space above Cheltenham's Brewery Quarter and High Street. Upon entering SLG's storefront entrance and ascending the stairs bathed in neon light, you are greeted by SLG Brands' impressive "Meet and Greet" space. "Meet and Greet" is where clients are met and are given a flavour for the kind of ideals that SLG build themselves off of, complete with pop art and an enormous neon sign built into a wall of foliage.

SLG's office space has two well defined spaces for work and for rest, although the line between the two is often blurred in places. For example, the office is home to a meeting space referred to as the "Chilli Bean Room", where shoes aren't allowed, and meetings are conducted on Fatboy cushions with mood lighting.


The space has countless other visual marvels that are all showstoppers in their own right. 


The American Diner, Pavillion and Shop


At the far end of the SLG office is the American Diner and Pavillion. A generous space for employees to distance themselves away from their desks and unwind, the kitchen and seating set up encourages people to get together to socialise and connect over their lunchbreaks (eating at desks is strongly discouraged!). The wall to the pavillion features an enormous hand-painted mural.

Also at this end of the floor is SLG's own shop that puts the very products they create on full display, giving them full pride of place within the office. Located within a large modified shipping container, staff are invited into the container once a week in order to be able to purchase any one of the company's own products.



The Bleachers Event Space


Every office needs a great space to make getting the team together a pleasure, and SLG Brands has the ultimate space in that regard. The Bleachers Event Space has two key attractions - A large video wall faced with a huge stacked set of bleachers stands, complete with cushions making for an ideal cinema set up for presentations and big company meetings.


Inspiring Workspaces


SLG has spared no expense when it comes to firing the imaginations of its staff. Even their main boardroom is decorated with a beautiful graffiti mural that spans the ceiling, truly injecting the young spirit of the company into every corner of the office.

In the same area is a breakout space that has been filled with examples to inspire moire creative product brainstorming. In a similar fashion, the orange box in the centre of the office is an immediate statement, making it a meeting room quite unlike any other.

With other spaces in the office (such as the previously mentioned Chilli Bean room and the one-of-a-kind Hammock Avenue) designed to ignite creative minds into being their most productive, it's no wonder this incredible space too the top spot as voters' Office Breakout of the Year.


The Inspiration - Meeting The Man Responsible


The vision to create the space was directed by SLG Brands' CEO and chief creative Miles Dunkley. Having seen the empty space available, he knew precisely how to transform it into an office space that would be the envy of all. Being involved in the process since the first day, Miles rigorously tested various furnishings and made no compromises when it came to the quality of the space. The end result is the spectacular office space they operate from today.

Having won our Office Breakout of the Year competition, SLG have claimed the top dog prize of £3000 to go towards any staff event they choose! We look forward to hearing how it benefits the team, but for the time being congratulations to SLG Brands for winning the inaugral Office Breakout of the Year!

Want to be in with a chance of winning next year? Keep an eye on our website for details of the next Office Breakout of the Year event!

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