Games Room of the Year 2022 Voting has been EXTENDED

Posted by HLD 03 NOVEMBER 2022

Support your local entrant!

Not had the chance to vote for the best Games Room of the Year yet?

Don't worry, we have now extended again - our voting deadline is now Tuesday 14th November 2022!


Now is the time to support your local games room enthusiast and vote for them to be the nation's Games Room of the Year 2022. We have had an extraordinary amount of people vote so far, but the running is just too close to crown a winner yet. We need you to vote for your local games room hero before it's too late. We are fast approaching the final phases of the competition and will be closing the voting stage in a few days.


Who's in for the running in your area?

  1. Ben's Football Frenzy Games Room – Sussex
  2. Darren's – Scotland
  3. Jim's Perfect Bar  – Solihull
  4. John & Anabel's Home Arcade  – Northamptonshire
  5. Michael's Retro Neon Games Room – Somerset
  6. Paul's Blacklight Games Room  – Leicestershire
  7. Peter's Cocktails and Dreams – Gloucester
  8. Philip's Pinball Madness – Birmingham
  9. Richard's Industrial Games Room - Nottinghamshire
  10. Steve's Halo Games Room - Yorkshire



Ben's Games Room

Football Lovers heaven on earth. Grab a cold one and let's have game.


Darren's Games Room

There's not many rooms in the world that contain a pool table and an astronaut suit. Can you spot the spaceman?


Jim's Games Room

A collectors paradise. The more you look at Jim's perfect Bar, the more you see, and we want to keep looking.


John and Annabel's Games Room

Right here we've got quality and quantity. John and Annabel's games room is seriously stacked, where would you start?


Michael's Games Room

Now this is what I call a beauty of a games room. ArcadePro, Shuffleboard, Jukebox, Pinball and a seriously cool Ice Hockey Table. Game on!


Paul's Games Room

There's a serious glow in Paul's games, what a great space to hang out. Lovin' the pooch too.


Peter's Games Room

Cocktails and dreams indeed. Crank the volume on that jukebox, rack'em up and lets play.


Phillip's Games Room

If you're looking for a room which is jam packed then look no further. Phillip's games room is a pinball wizards heaven.


Richard's Games Room

The industrial style in Richard's games room has got us all thirsty for a late night lock in.


Steve's Games Room

Feast your eyes on that halo light. Love the black and grey in Steve's games room. And what a quality pool table.

If you haven't voted yet, click the button below to vote now! 


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