Games Room of the Year 2022 - Winner Announcement

Posted by HLD 21 NOVEMBER 2022

Our favourite time of year has come to a momentous end with the crowning of Games Room of the Year 2022. After celebrating all rooms grand and compact, minimalistic and crammed full of memorabilia, we can now reveal our winner. Judges at Home Leisure Direct narrowed down the entries to 10 finalists, leaving it up to the public to cast their reigning votes.



Huge congratulations to football fanatic, Ben and his Hornet's Nest!

Your garage of games has won you the Games Room of the Year Award 2022.


The winner of Games Room of the Year 2022 will go home with:

  • £1000 in cold hard cash
  • The Games Room of the Year plaque
  • Bragging rights for having the nation’s number 1 games room

Games Room of the Year 22 - Ben Griss  



You can watch Ben's reaction to winning the competition on our Youtube channel - we are glad to have caught his surprise! 




It's no wonder that Ben's games room took the votes by storm. Not only does his space have that wow factor, but his attention to detail is incredible. The more you look, the more cool stuff you find.


If you look closely you will see all kinds of football gems hidden in this Aladins cave: a coffee table of football tickets, a floating football display, and even the bin has a football pitch design.


The Football Table

Ben's football table has got us all inspired to bag ourselves something equally as cool. If you fancy getting yourself your very own football table, we have plenty of products available in our Football Tables In Stock range, ready to ship from our warehouse to your door straight away.

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Ben's Football table is the Garlando F-5 Indoor table and is part of the Fun4Family range making it incredible value for the quality of play.

You can find his table here


Games Room of the Year 22 - Ben Griss - Football Table  

If you already have a football table or just fancy something a bit different for your space, we also have Football Table Coat Rack available to complete the look.

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The Darts Corner

Ben has got an awesome setup for his darts corner complete with a Unicorn dartboard, electronic darts scorer, oche mat, and darts display. If you love darts and want to get your hands on everything you need to throw some arrows, then we have the full setup available for you.

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Games Room of the Year 22 - Ben Griss - DartsJack Daniel's Acrylic 9 Darts Arch Display Stand


The Scarf Collection

There's no denying this garage has real heart and soul, with every single one of the 150+ football scarves bought personally by Ben at the ground of a game. In fact, Ben has so many scarves, he has run out of room to display them all. The ceiling is unquestionably the standout piece in the Hornet's Nest, but we also love Ben's football shirt collection, including a shirt for his 8 month old son.

We asked Ben to tell us the story behind the scarves:

I can't really go through it all. It's just ridiculous. And the ceiling is the centerpiece. So 155 scars in total, It's a ceiling full of scarves and you've got other scarves over there. And this is something which was, you know, meant a lot to me, every scarf has been purchased by myself from the ground. So I've made a point of driving around, a lot of this was during my student days, many years ago when I should have been out drinking and doing what normal students do.

I think I've got 230 scarfs.. It's about 70 that didn't that aren't in here, but I literally can't think of a way of getting them in.



The craftsmanship of this room is incredible, from the initial designs to the final finishes. You would have no idea that Ben was a DIY novice, learning everything on the job from Youtube tutorials. Starting in lockdown of 2020, Ben has put in over 100 working hours, plus numerous years of collecting.


We asked Ben to tell us more about his games room creation:

This whole project started basically out of lockdown. So we just moved house a month before lockdown. Unfortunately, I lost my job as a result of the pandemic, but we did have a double garage at our new place, which I set about transforming into what I've always wanted, a Watford-themed sports bar. So it kind of just spiraled from there and two years later. It's all done. And yeah. It's been a bit of a mission.


Games Room of the Year 22 - Ben Griss


We asked Ben how he felt about winning:

Oh my word. Well, I'm blown away. I knew I'd have a decent chance because I think, you know, I'd seen the votes coming in but I just thought. Well there's some fantastic other rooms out there and I just thought why, you know, why mine?

Well, Ben, you couldn't be more deserving of a winner! 


The whole top ten was truly spectacular. From garage conversions to basements and garden rooms, we really saw it all. Each room had a distinct character and personality - they truly are the best games rooms in the UK. We give each of them a huge round of applause!


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Thank you to everyone who entered, voted, and cheered the entrants on. We are looking forward to see next year's entrants already!

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