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Posted by HLD 27 SEPTEMBER 2019

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It won’t be long before the people of London’s City will be able to try out an amazing new venue – Electric Shuffle! Electric Shuffle will be opening its doors this coming November, and is ideally located in Canary Wharf’s Cabot Square within easy reach of the London DLR and the London Underground’s Jubilee line.

Customers at Electric Shuffle arrive as a party of people who have pre-booked in advance, and will be assigned their own specially designed shuffleboard table for the evening. From here, they can order food and drink, but most importantly enjoy all this whilst having a spot of friendly competition over a game of shuffleboard.

This venue is just the latest in a dramatic new trend that venues are latching onto – competitive socialising.


How Electric Shuffle was Created

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It’s no secret that venues across the country are rapidly discovering a new trend with their visitors. Families, friends, work colleagues and all manner of other demographics are looking for more from their time out together, looking for something more than just a meal or a drink. All kinds of venues up and down the country are now starting to embrace this concept. Spaces once held by vacant shopfronts are being bought up and transformed into new competitive socialising experiences, like this upcoming venue in Manchester's Arndale Centre.

This desire has created a new type of attraction for these customers. An attraction the industry has liked to call ‘Competitive Socialising’. All the staples of a great night out are there with great drinks, great food, and great atmosphere but with an added twist – a competitive edge. Be that the draw of some games of pool, darts, arcades or now even shuffleboard.

London based bar chain Flight Club has been running with the idea of competitive socialising since their formation and opening of their London venues, promising customers amazing food, drink and Flight Club’s signature attraction: The Darts. Each party of people are assigned their very own eating space and dartboard, where everyone can eat and enjoy unique competitive games of darts together. Think of it like being assigned your own lane and seats when you go to your local bowling alley.

Flight Club London Layout

"Since 2015, we've been on a mission to deliver exhilarating social experiences to as many people as possible. From a pipe dream in a Devon pub, to an ever-growing family of Flight Club venues, it's been an incredible journey so far."

- Electric Shuffle Co-Founders Steve Moore and Paul Barham

  Flight Club London Players

This concept took off for Flight Club, and they now see hundreds of eager patrons through the door each day ready to throw darts with friends. The creators of Flight Club have now set their sights on a brand new competitive game set up in the same way – Shuffleboard. With some careful planning (and some help from us), the idea of Electric Shuffle was born.

"Now, it's time for the next step; a surprisingly competitive, delightfully immersive and outrageously thrilling transformation of another traditional pastime. And, we can't wait to share it with you!

Shuffleboard’s exciting mix of skill and chance and its rich, but sadly forgotten history made it the obvious choice for our next step. It’s a game which has captivated everyone from Henry VIII through to the village landlord and our modern twist will wow Canary Wharf."

- Electric Shuffle Co-Founders Steve Moore and Paul Barham



Electric Shuffle Logo

Electric Shuffle – London’s Latest Competitive Socialising Venue

Electric Shuffle Floor Plan

Just like Flight Club, Electric Shuffle turns the timeless game of Shuffleboard on its head, allowing groups of players to approach the game in a completely new way that they won’t soon forget. Opening soon in London’s Canary Wharf, Electric Shuffle will be able to accommodate large parties of people (with a total capacity of 350 people) to get around a table and enjoy friendly head to head competition whilst they dine.

Unlike your traditional game of shuffleboard, Electric Shuffle will revolutionise the concept with a brand new selection of interactive games that can be played with thanks to new 21st century technology that will allow the game to be played in an entirely new and innovative way.

Electric Shuffle Plank

Home Leisure Direct has worked closely with the team at Electric Shuffle on the implementation of this fantastic idea. Liaising directly with the world’s leading shuffleboard maker Hudson, we were able to supply Electric Shuffle with numerous world-class shuffleboard planks that would become part of the core experience that customers will experience. All custom made and designed to align with Electric Shuffle’s unique identity.

Electric Shuffle Set Up

The planks themselves will be enclosed in completely custom-made cradles that incorporate seating and table space right into the cradle itself, so customers need never take themselves away from the action whilst they have a bit to eat. In total, Electric Shuffle will incorporate 10 of these one-of-a-kind designs spread over two floors that will also feature bars and other traditional entertainment.

The venue itself is still being prepared, and will finally open its doors this year to the first visitors on Friday the 29th of November. If you (like us!) want to be amongst the first to try this amazing new space out, then head to www.electricshuffle.com to make an advance booking.

 Want help realising a commercial vision of your own? Our commercial team are always on hand to help make amazing concepts like Electric Shuffle or any other venue a reality. Get in touch with us on 0800 622 6464 or send an email outlining your requirements to Josh or Ben at [email protected]

Want to learn more about Competitive Socialising and how it could benefit your business? Home Leisure Direct are soon hosting Competitive Socialising 2020, an event aimed to bring together the key players in the industry to speak about the opportunities that competitive socialising could bring to your business. 

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