How about an office breakout area?

Posted by Jakub 09 MARCH 2018

The end of the financial year is upon us. Companies will likely realise that some of their marketing/sales budgets have not been fully used. This is a perfect time to save some money and have a bit more cash in your bank, isn’t it? Well, as tempting as this idea is, how about something slightly different this time?


How about rewarding your employees for doing such a great job? Instead of giving the team something as basic as a bonus, how about an upgrade to your office breakout area? 

An area that each employee could go to on their lunch break and enjoy themselves, while forgetting about the stress of work for just a few minutes.


What good is a breakout area and why should you invest in it?


google .jpg

- Google Offices in Cambridge


With research showing that employees have the potential to become 12% - 20% more productive if they are happy, who wouldn’t want to invest into making sure that their team stays as happy as possible?


Where to start?


With the World Health Organisation announcing that inactivity is the fourth-biggest killer of adults, a table tennis table is perfect. Bringing in some friendly competition between your staff is a great way to decrease health risks and give a little boost of energy throughout the day. It’s also cost effective, as table tennis tables are very affordable.


Table Tennis Tables.jpg 


A football table is a great addition to any office space and is one of the most common items you’ll find in any breakout area. Costing a little more than an average table tennis table, a football table is a great way of encouraging staff to compete against each other.


Football Tables.jpg


A pool table is a great addition to an office, and they range from affordable to “hey, you’re spoiling your staff!”. A pool table is a great way to get your staff moving as well as showing any visitors or new staff members that your company knows how to have fun.


Pool Tables.jpg


If you want to really spoil your team, how about an air hockey table? It’s a great stress reliever! After all, have you ever seen a non-aggressive game of air hockey?


Air Hockey Tables.jpg


A breakout area in any office is a great idea, both for your staff as well as your company. With such a varied price range, every budget will be able to cover even the smallest upgrade.


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