Judd Trump US Snooker Exhibition

Posted by HLD 19 OCTOBER 2021

Former Snooker World Champion Judd Trump visits the US, giving fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After recently taking a trip across the pond to test out his 9-ball pool skills in the US Open 2021, Judd Trump returned to the states to share his talents on the snooker table.


The Snooker Exhibition at OX Billiards Club in Seattle was all thanks to Andy Beresford, Owner and Managing Director at Home Leisure Direct, who, after working closely with Judd Trump in his training for the US Open, was able to arrange links between OX Billiards and the Juddernaut to give an epic night of snooker tips and tutorials to aspiring American fans.



Snooker is fairly uncommon in the US with only 391 tables in the entire country. Being able to find a table to play is seriously rare and it's even more extraordinary to get your hands on a full-sized 12 footer. At the OX Billiards Club in Capitol Hill, Seattle, you're lucky enough to witness some of the best pool tables you can find and four incredible full-sized snooker tables, including Rasson and the Xing Pai Star Tournament Professional Full Sized Snooker Table. The underground pool and snooker hall has a very secretive feel to it with no windows, industrial lighting, and concrete finishes. If there was ever a location for such an event, the OX was it. 



The exclusive event allowed no more than 40 people to buy tickets and only 10 lucky snooker enthusiasts secured a place to play Judd Trump, making the evening extremely intimate. Just imagine the fist pumps and shouts of excitement when these lucky Americans discovered the chance to learn from one of Snooker's Greats, and even play him a game, all in their home country. The tickets were instantly sold out, and the countdown began. 



The lucky snooker fanatics grabbed a front-row seat and watched intently as The Ace in the Pack gave numerous demonstrations and tutorials on a whole range of snooker shots and tips. With snooker being one of the most intricately difficult sports, Judd's strong cue-ball skills and immense precision were phenomenal to watch. After talking through his games, it was time for the audience to try out some techniques and give Judd a game. What an experience.



The event was an incredible success. At the end of the night, Judd gave the opportunity for photos and autographs, leaving the audience full of smiles and tips to practice their own game.


This year Judd visited the Home Leisure Direct showrooms to practice on our pool tables prior to the US Open 2021. We loved having him around the showrooms and we're proud to sponsor and support him with his venture into the world of pool.

If you'd like to get up close with Judd Trump, you can check out our range of videos on Youtube. 



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