Black November 2020

Posted by HLD 17 NOVEMBER 2020

Black November has begun at Home Leisure Direct for 2020.

With the holidays fast approaching, we are giving away the ultimate addition to your games room, completely free, on any order when you spend over £500. 

Our Dart Board Gift Set, worth £50, will be added when your order is processed and sent to you with free delivery.


The Mission Samurai II is a top quality, competition standard dartboard with ultra-thin wire construction. The sharp angle of the wires enables the darts to glance over them and into the scoring areas, which means fewer bounce outs and damage to the darts. With a competition grade bristle form, the large vibrant, non-fade colour scoring areas make this a game fit for players of all abilities - from beginners to budding pros - and ideal for any games room or leisure space. A set of wall attachments come included.

Darts & Dart Pouch

You're bound to hit the mark with your included set of Designa Darts. Choose from either Razorgrip Green or Dragons Orange which are made from quality 90% Tungsten and feature a distinctive ringed grip. A matching point protector and pleather Mission dart pouch is included to keep your darts safely tucked away when not in use.

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