Contactless Revolutionises Pub Pool!

Posted by HLD 10 DECEMBER 2018

Remember the days where you’d walk into your local for a quick drink after work, look in the corner and see the pool table looking sad and lonely, so you’d think why not have a quick game? But then you reach into your pocket and realise “...wait...I don’t have any change!”
Well you won’t have to worry about that for much longer...
We’ve revolutionised the pool-playing experience with our new range of contactless pool tables!
These two new pool tables take away that stress and hassle of having to always carry money with you, and will allow your customers to pay for games using their contactless bank card, and most mobile phones.
Signature Tournament Contactless Pool Table

Contactless Payment Signature Tournament Pool Table - In Showroom
The Signature Tournament has always been one of our most popular tables in the Signature range, and so we wanted to make it even more accessible. With two thirds of the British population now paying by contactless, adding a contactless payment reader means that more of your customers are likely to play a game if they simply have to tap their card to pay. 
Contactless Payment Signature Tournament Pool Table - Ball Return Window
Signature Vantage Contactless Pool Dining Table

Made from solid oak, the Signature Vantage Contactless Pool Dining Table is a real 2-in-1. Just pop the oak dining top on and your customers can enjoy the finest dining experience you have to offer. Whip it back off again and you’re all ready for some pub pool!

This stunning table can seat up to 7 patrons, so it really allows you to maximise the space.
Our customers are already loving it - and so are theirs! 
We recently installed 2 Signature Vantage Pool Dining Tables into two well-known South West establishments: Sizzling at Brimsham Park in Yate and O’Neill’s in Cardiff. Both were looking for a way to maximise wasted space in their pubs, with a way that customers were able to enjoy their dining experience AND enjoy a few rounds of pool with their friends and family.
Learn more about their stories in the two videos featured below...
Sizzling at Brimsham Park - Yate, Bristol

O’Neill’s - Cardiff

So why wait? Start a trend in your area and be one of the first to be able to proudly announce that your business is the owner of a contactless pool table!
Simply contact us on 0800 622 6464 or 01454 413636, press 2 for our commercial team, or ask to speak to Josh or Ben, and get your contactless journey started.

Alternatively, you can contact our Head of Commercial Sales (Josh) via e-mail at [email protected]

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