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Posted by Jess 29 OCTOBER 2015

We like to keep you updated with the new products in our showroom, competitions and events so that’s why we created the Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - to bring you a short update of what we’re up to every week! In this blog you can find all of our episodes, so that if you've missed one, you can keep up-to-date! 


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 19th October 2015

In this latest edition of the Home Leisure Direct Weekly News we show you some of the footage from our visit to Everton Football Club to install a brand new pool table into the team's HQ, as well the exciting news that we're launching in Selfridges, London and we have another update on our Games Room of the Year competition. Keep an eye out for Halo too (the pool playing dog!)

Video Transcription 

Ben: Hi guys and welcome back to another episode of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. My name's Ben and on this week's episode we've got some fun stuff to share with you starting with our recent trip up to Everton to go and meet the team and install their new pool table. We've also got an update on our Selfridges Concession in London, Oxford Street. And then finally we've got a bit of an update on the Games Room of the Year Competition which I know loads of you have been voting for and, of course, we've had all the entries in as well. So it's a bit packed, it's jam-packed. Sit where you are and I'll see you guys shortly.

But before we do any of that, let's slow things down for a minute and just enjoy this great clip that one of you guys at home sent in to us. So this is Halo the dog and as you can see he's not just any normal dog. No, Halo is a pool playing dog and I absolutely love his style. Now you can tell just by his little cheeky shots that he's not been forced into playing pool but indeed he loves it because he's got the trick shot down to a T and he can pot pretty much any ball that he likes the look of. So Halo, I absolutely salute you and thank you very much, guys, for sending this in if you're sat at home. If you've got any other viral vids that you think we should have a look at or review then please send them in because Halo has given us all a lift here at Home Leisure Direct and I hope you guys sat at home watching has giving you guys a bit of a boost too.

So guys as promised the last couple of weeks we've been up in Everton football ground in the training department where, wrong shirt? Evertonians, I'm only joking. Of course, we made our way up to Everton in the last couple of weeks where indeed we did deliver their brand new supreme winner pool table with an Everton customised cloth. So check out the footage because we were lucky enough, as you can see, to meet with Ross Barkley, John Stones and also Tom Cleverly. And the guys had a really, really good day out, meeting the players and also playing a bit of pool with them. So if you're sat at home though and you're thinking, "That's a really good idea," whether you support Man. U., Man. City, Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea, whoever your team is, we've got a whole range of licenses that you can have put onto your cloth. So if you'd like to have a similar cloth on your table then please just give one of the guys a call in the sales office or alternatively check out

Next up is Selfridges. So we've been talking about getting our concession live in Selfridges over the last couple of months and our big launch day is here. So you might remember a couple of weeks ago we launched our new showroom here in Bristol. Well, we've now got our concession to launch live in London, Oxford Street. And that's with inside the Selfridges store itself. So we are so excited guys to be able to tell you as of Monday, the 26th of October 2015, we will be live in Selfridges with a brand new team to come and serve you guys. So if you're in and around the area or you want to pop in and see some of our great product then please do so because it would be great to see you and it'd be great to catch up.

Finally, it's all about the games room of the year and I've only got a very small update for you. So I've got no winner to announce. I'm really sorry. However, I can tell you that votings have all now been cast. Obviously all the entries have come in as well and we are incredibly close to announcing the winner. So please watch this space because we are almost there and one of you fantastic entrants is going to win that prize. So watch the space and we'll tell you very shortly who's won.

That's it then guys for another week. Thanks very much for stopping by and tuning in. Remember as always, if you've enjoyed the show please like and subscribe. And remember, we're also available on various different social network platforms as well. So if you want to get in touch, please do. So question of the week, it's the question that's been bugging me all week is Halo the dog, could he beat you at pool? And don't lie to me and say, "No, you'd win." Who would win out of you versus Halo? He's a hell of a good player. So remember if you've got any other little treats like that sat at home or if there's any other links you'd like us to check out, please send them in to us here at Home Leisures Direct. But have yourselves a fantastic week. Thanks for watching and I'll see you guys soon.

We've also got an update on our Selfridges, Selfridges concession. Concession. Get a Selfridges concession, Miss Moneypenny.

We did, in fact, make our way up to the, right. Here comes Scott. Seriously. So Scott is an infiltrator.

Scott: Game of Thrones. Biggest fan.

Ben: Okay, there's another intruder. Take it easy, Stu.

Stu: You okay?

Ben: I'm okay, cheers. Just on the news. It's the Selfridges team. Whoo!

Jonno: Reece, your head is right in the way of Gladys. 


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 13th October 2015

This week on the Weekly News we talk about the Games of Thrones pinball machine - which we’ve had the opportunity to play, how our New Showroom Launch Event went, we also have a look at our new Memorabilia range and talk about our time with Karl Boyes filming coaching videos and interviews (which will be live soon on our YouTube channel and Facebook page). 

Video Transcription

Ben: Hi and welcome to another episode of Home Leisure Direct weekly news. My name's Ben and I've got a bumper edition for you guys this week including Game of Thrones. So at least we've managed to play this highly anticipated Stern pinball and it hasn't let us down. It's uber cool. So we'll show you some footage on that. We've also got an update on our showroom. So we had the launch last week. The showroom is finally finished and we've got some really cool footage of some and the guests and visitors that we had down on the day plus a sneak peak at our memorabilia range. So we've got a whole new memorabilia range launching in the next week. And then finally we've got an update from Carl Boys so we were lucky enough to have Carl down here in our Bristol showroom and we want to give you guys a quite sneak peak of some of the great footage we've got to come. So it's jam-packed, it's bumper packed. Sit tight and I'll see you in a bit.

So as promised our first subject of the day is Game Of Thrones pinball and an update for you guys. So this is Jonno.

Jonno: Hello.

Ben: Hey buddy. So Jonno was lucky enough last week to get up to Manchester to play a version of Game of Thrones actually in the flesh, play the machine itself. So let's have a quick chat with Johno, catch up and see how we got on. So pal talk to me about Game Of Thrones then. So pinball, how was it feeling?

Jonno: Game Of Thrones was, it was crazy. Crazy good. It was a very fast very flowing game. Very similar to Star Trek in that regard. However it does have a few extra sort of touches and features that Star Trek doesn't have in that it has a lot more toys to it. So the main one which I can remember is it's got this big dragon which.

Ben: Is this the pro edition?

Jonno: Pro edition.

Ben: Cool.

Jonno: Yep. So what it would do is it would sort of move up and down and its wings would flap and it's also got this really cool red light that emancipated from its mouth. It also got this battering ram which your ball can hit against and then that knocks it into an actual castle door.

Ben: Okay cool.

Jonno: And then of course there was also this sword which was on the main ramp which was very interesting. You'd hit the ramp and then it would stop the ball on the ramp and then when it released the ball the sword would actually come down and chop the ball which is really cool.

Ben: So we've got some good footage. And it looks wicked like just looking at the footage now. It looks really really cool. Like you said it's got, loads of color. There's an RPG vibe going on as well isn't there?

Jonno: Yeah there were various targets around the game which you hit which you could actually use to accrue gold. Then what you can actually then do is then you could then make a certain shot and then you can use that gold to actually spend on rewards. So if you wanted to spend a lot of gold you could get something really good like an extra ball for example. And there was also this really nifty thing in that you could actually challenge other houses. So what you would do is you chose your house at the start of the game which would give you a certain special ability. Then you could challenge other houses and then you can get their special ability for defeating them.

Ben: Brilliant. Awesome. So the footage we've got is looking awesome. I hope you guys at home are kind of enjoying that as well. You were really psyched.

Jonno: Yeah.

Ben: So when Jonno was back my first question was what was it like? You know, you've played it what was it like? And the vibe is really strong isn't it?

Jonno: It is really strong. I can't wait for us to get one.

Ben: Yeah so we'll have one in the showroom here in Bristol in the next couple of weeks we're hoping. So sort of like late October to early November. And pre-orders are already being taken. So it's, as you can imagine, it's really really popular. Not only is it one of the largest franchises in the whole world but it's also almost Christmas. So as predicted winter is coming. So if you guys are after a Game Of Thrones pinball or just want some more information give us a call in the sales office or check out the website, but five hundred quid will secure your machine. So don't take this man's word for it. Have a look at the footage, see what you guys think. If you've got any questions lets us know.

Just a real quick update now on our showroom. So we've obviously been talking about it for months and months and finally our launch day happened. So check out the footage and see for yourself but we had an absolute blast. We had business partners arrive, customers, clients and a whole host of pro-players. Now my highlight for me was undoubtedly Roger desperately trying to steal a point off of gold medalist Ryan Jenkins on table tennis but as you can see Rog didn't do so well despite all of us here at Home Leisure Direct willing him on. So we had an absolute blast. We were also lucky enough to be able to tease and pre-launch some of our memorabilia range. So we've got a whole load of new stock in our showroom now which will be available for you to buy on our website very soon. So if you fancy a really nice Al Pacino piece, a Robert Downey Junior piece or you can't help but get yourself a nice Gazza or Pele football shirt signed then this will be the place to come. So that's a quick sneak peak, a quick update. Thank you to everyone that come down, customers, client's, business partners alike. We had an absolutely wonderful time. It was a great atmosphere and we look forward to seeing you guys all again soon in the future.

So in between launching the new showroom and of course getting our hands on the Game Of Thrones pinball machine we had a visitor into our showroom here in Bristol and that was none other than Carl Boyce, former world cup of pool champ and three time Mosconi Cup champion. So it was great to catch up with Carl. He was good enough to spend some time teaching us a few tricks on how to play nine ball pool but also sit down and do a lengthy interview with him and really find out what drove him to play nine ball over eight ball and also what's he got planned for the rest of the year. So those videos are exclusive to us here at Home Leisure Direct and we'll be sharing them with you guys here, on Facebook and also over You Tube in the forthcoming months. So keep your eyes peeled 'cause we've got some great stuff to share with you.

This week's deal of the week to celebrate the fact that we just opened our brand new showroom is we're taking a hundred quid off the price of our exclusive signature Columbia pool table. So the Columbia is an American pool diner that comes with eighty quids worth of free accessories plus a hundred and twenty pounds worth of free delivery. So it normally retails at ten fifty but this week we're going to be dropping the price down to nine fifty and that's for our showroom model okay. So it's been loved and cherished by us here at Home Leisure Direct. It probably hasn't even seen a full frame of pool played on it and as you can see by the pictures it's in stunning condition. So it's a one off, it's first come first served but there's a great opportunity for you guys in time for Chrimbo to get yourself a fantastic Paul Diner, American pool for under a thousand pounds. So nine hundred and fifty pounds, free delivery and you get those accessories as well.

So that's it for another week. Thanks very much guys for stopping by and tuning in. If you've enjoyed today's show please like and subscribe and if you're watching it on Facebook feel free to share it, comment and also like. Our question of the week is Game Of Thrones related. So spoiler alert it is Game Of Thrones related. If you've not watched Game Of Thrones please go and do yourself a favor, take yourself away from this and watch it. But if you have watched it my question is, is John Snow coming back? That's all I want to know. What's your theory? Is he coming back? Yes or no. 

So that's it from me. My name's Ben. You've been watching Home Leisure Direct weekly news. Have yourself a great week and I'll see you guys next week.

What the hell was that? 

Jonno: That was a woodlouse.

Ben: Really? So just when you thought that the world. No, not the world.

Jonno: The world's ending.

Ben: Yeah apocalypse. Okay one, two, three.

Jonno: It's raining woodlice out the ceiling.

Ben: Oh hang on. Intruder alert. Intruder. Live on Sky News. Oh yeah sorry. No.


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 6th October 2015

In this weeks Weekly News we announce the winner of our Sega Megadrive Giveaway, give you a sneak peak at our brand new Signature Pool Table Range and also our new range of Home Bars - fancy a pint anyone?! 

Video Transcription

Ben: Hi and welcome to another episode of Home Leisure Direct weekly news. My name's Ben and on this week's episode we're going to talk to you about our brand new and exclusive range of bars and beer dispensers alongside our showroom launch day which of course is Thursday the 8th of October. We've also got our brand new tables in the showroom now. Our signature range and fully landed and we're going to show you some of those exclusive models. And then finally we've got the announcement of the amazing Sega Megadrive handheld alongside an exclusive offer on a Pac-Man arcade party machine. It's worth sticking around for. See you in a bit.

Let's talk about something really exciting. Another great topic to talk to you all about and that is our exclusive range of bars. Now as you can see by the footage flashing across your screen we've got a whole new range of bars in here at Home Leisure Direct. They are completely exclusive to us and they look absolutely wonderful. So we took stock of them on Friday. They were delivered to us here in Bristol and we took three to four hours out to put them together, assemble them with the team and then put them into position. So you can see by the nice glow of the neon that they look absolutely stunning. This particular one that we're looking at is of solid oak. So it's a solid oak base and then it's got an entirely solid American black walnut top to really set it off. The beer dispenser you can also see here. That's also available for sale and all of these products we will have live on our website in the next two to three weeks so watch this space. When I've got more information for you I will bring it to you but in the meantime if you want to come down to us here in Bristol and see the bar for yourself remember Thursday the 8th of October we're having a launch and it will be great to see you.

We've got some exciting news for you guys this week with regards to our exclusive range of pool tables and the great news is they've now landed in our Bristol showroom. So over the last few years we've built up a great amount of knowledge on what makes a pool table great and maybe what could be improved on a pool table and we've also listened to some of the feedback that you guys and our customers have given to us also. So we're proud to be able to present to you the signature range. As I said these are entirely exclusive to us here at Home Leisure Direct. You won't find these available anywhere else in the country. But let me talk to you about some of the amazing features that make these tables quite so great. So let's start with the tournament pool table. Now as you can see it's not only amazing by its design but it also comes with some amazing packed features including a ball separator. So the ball separator will effectively separate the cue ball and the main pool balls that you pit so instead of them all returning to one ball return area the cue ball has its own separated ball return and it's just a really good feature that we hope you guys enjoy whilst playing off your new table. But you could also have a look at the Bristol and Bath. So again exclusive to our range like the Tournament but these two tables have got a slight twist. They are both pool diners. So whether you're into just playing a game of pool or using your table for dining purposes. You may well have some friends and family coming over the holiday period or it may just be that you want to maximise your space at home, the Bristol and Bath have got some amazing features that are absolutely unique and you guys sat at home will enjoy. So whether it's a pool diner or a standard pool or even an American pool table you want the signature range that we've got live now in the showroom is ideal for you guys. So come down to take a look and tell us what you think.

So this is the exciting part of the show where we announce the winner of this amazing portable Sega Megadrive. And the winner is. So do we, we definitely have to give this away? Jonno? Do we? What about if I just played Sonic and Knuckles then packed it up and posted it? Nope. Okay. There's no way I can borrow it? Okay fine. And the winner is John Thorne. So John congratulations you indeed did win the portable Sega Megadrive. Sadly I did not. So thanks very much for entering. And remember guys these giveaways that we will be doing over the up and coming weeks are free to enter and they are dead, dead easy. So get involved and keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

So those of you watching over the last few weeks you'll know that we love to have a special offer of the week and this week is no different. So this week's special offer is this amazing Pac-Man Arcade Party machine. So as you can see that's me there scrolling through the different variety of games. It comes jam-packed with lots of different games including Pac-Man as you'd expect but also Miss Pac-Man and Rolling Thunder to just name a few. So if you're thinking about upgrading your current machine or maybe you want to buy your first machine or maybe you just want to buy another machine to add to your collection at one thousand nine hundred and ninety five quid this arcade machine is an absolute stunner. It's got fantastic custom artwork as you can see but it's also got some fantastic games on it brought to you by the arcade giants Namco. So for more details on this machine check out the website and if you've got any questions please feel free to call the guys in the office.

So thanks again guys for stopping by and tuning in. If you've enjoyed today's show remember to like it and subscribe and if you're on Facebook, hello Facebook viewers, but remember to like and share if you fancy it. So our question of the week is, your dream bar. What would you stock it with?

That's it for another week. My name's Ben. You've been watching Home Leisure Direct weekly news. Have yourself a great week and I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you this Thursday the 8th of October at our showroom opening. Have a good'un. Cheers.

For the general flavuor. So whether you're baking the table, whether you're serving it as a lunch or breakfast remember tables are really nice if you bake them on a slow temperature in your oven. Be sure to wear over gloves and remember to serve them fresh from the over.

Roger and Josh nonchalantly not bothered at all. Are you doing this on purpose? Can I get you guys a drink at all? Can I get you a brew or anything whilst you're around? 

Roger: No you're alright thanks cheers.

Ben: Not bothered at all. Not worried. Not at all. Just the way it's set up. Fine. Bye. Thanks Rog. Good. Why not. Didn't bat an eyelid.


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 29th September 2015

In this instalment of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News we cover an update on our Games Room of the Year competition, advice on ordering gifts for Christmas and the exciting news that we’re opening a brand new showroom! 

Video Transcription 

Hi and welcome back to another episode of Home Leisure Direct Weekly news. So, on this week's episode, we've got some exciting news regarding our brand new showroom. And a great opportunity for you to come down and meet and greet some pro players. We've also got an update on our "Games Room of the Year" competition and then finally, we're gonna give you a bit of an insight into product ordering, ready for Christmas. Because we don't want you guys to miss out in your preparation for the big day. So, stick around.

So then, many of you will know over the last few weeks, we've been talking about our new showroom, here in Bristol. And at last, we've got a launch date for you. So, Thursday the 8th of October, starting at 2 p.m. right the way through to 8 p.m. We will be here, with some exciting pro players, to greet and meet you guys visiting. So, what can you expect to see on the day? Well, as you can see, our showroom has really taken shape, over the last few months. There's been a whole load of blood, sweat and tears that we've put in, but it's been absolutely worth it.

So, some of the pro players that will be here, on the day. We've got Cole Boyce, who is the American Pool Mosconi World Cup winner. We've also got Craig Pullen, who's our UK pinball champion. We've got Ryan Jenkins, who's the table tennis Commonwealth Games gold medalist. And we've also got Ben Mason, who's the foosball Team GB captain. So, if there was ever an opportunity to come down and see us and have some fun, Thursday the 8th of October is surely gonna be it. We've got some canopies, so a little bit of food and the odd bottle of Pepsi Cola to offer you guys, as well. So, come down, have a look at some of the products we've got, have a chat with some of the stars and come and meet the team. We look forward to seeing you. 

Now, some of you may know that over the last few weeks and indeed months, we've been searching for the UK's best games room. And we are now closing in, because we've just announced the UK finalists. So, if you check out the website now, it's down to you, at home. You can now cast your vote for the best looking games room. So, remember to share it, talk to your friends about it, get everybody you know engaged. And let's find out which one of these fantastic looking games room really is the winner. So, we've done our part. We found them, it's up to you now to decide.

This week, we thought we'd take the opportunity to talk to you about a question that you guys are asking an awful lot, at the moment. And that is, "When will I need to place an order to get my product in time for Christmas?" So, there's not a real easy answer to that. Because, obviously, the different product categories that we sell will have a different lead time and delivery time. So, pool tables, as you know, you can bespoke, order and fully customise many of the tables that we have here in Home Leisure Direct. However, there are other tables that we've got, that we will keep in plentiful supply for stock for Christmas.

So, whether it's an American pool table you like the look of, an English pool table or even you're thinking of buying your first pool diner. Where, indeed, you can then have the entire family over for Christmas, dine on the table, remove the tops and then enjoy a damn good game of pool. The best advice I can give you is to give us a call in the office. The guys here will give you the best idea on a lead time. And then, you can make an informed decision, based on what you want and when you want it. Because there's nothing worse than not being able to get your table in time for Christmas, especially if you've got a great big family party to look forward to.

If you're thinking of buying a pinball machine this year for Christmas, then remember that the vintage selection are literally worn-off machines. So, the stock that we have here in our showroom, for example, is literally the stock that we'd be shipping to you. Now, you might be looking at some of the new range of pinball machines. Like, for example, our exciting Full Throttle machine or maybe Kiss or the forthcoming Game of Thrones pinball machine. Those machines are in supply and able to ship, brand new from factory, to you. However, again, in the run up to Christmas, those stocks will be short supplied. So, if you are after your pinball, don't miss the boat. Please give us a call in the sales office and we'll make sure you get the best advice.

Maybe this year, you're thinking about buying your first ever jukebox machine or perhaps you're upgrading a current model. So, this great Rocket 88 that we've got here, for example, is in supply. We do have them, but in the build up to Christmas, the stocks will get very, very limited. So, remember, before making your decision, if you're really unsure or you'd like to know more about a delivery, then please give one of the guys a call here in the office and they would gladly help you. Remember, we, obviously stock neon lights, arcade machines, table tennis tables, foosball tables and a whole variety of other product, as well. So, we can do a bit of an insight into jukeboxes, pinball machines and also pool tables.

But whatever you're looking for, this Christmas, if you're not sure and you want to know what the availability or the delivery time's like, give one of the guys a call here, we'd be happy to help. That's it then, for another week. Thanks very much, guys, for stopping by. Remember, if you've enjoyed the show this week, please remember to like and subscribe. And if you're watching on various different social media platforms that we're on, feel free to share that content, also. My question of the week for all of you, though...we always have to have a around our launch of our new showroom, of course. This Thursday, the 8th of October. But which pro player would you love to meet most and why?

Drop your answer in the comment box below and I'll look forward to seeing you guys, next week. My name's Ben, you've been watching Home Leisure Direct Weekly news. Have a great week.


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 22nd September 2015

In this new episode of the Weekly News, we talk about one of the new additions to our showroom - a Brunswick Andover Shuffleboard, our “Wall of Stern” in our showroom and have another great competition to win tickets to the World Cup of Pool.

Video Transcription

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. My name's Ben, and on today's episode, we've got some amazing giveaways just for you, our favourite fans and followers. So stick around.

So as promised, we have got a fantastic lineup for you today, including Stern's latest pinballs, here, live in our showroom. We've also got some news on the World Cup of Pool, and how you sat at home can win yourself some tickets. Plus, we've also had in the showroom, our brand new Brunswick Andover Shuffleboard, which you might not know anything about, and to be honest, neither did I until I started playing. But also, on top of all of that great stuff, we've got a fantastic give away that is our SEGA Mega Drive handheld. So stick around to the end to find out how to win.

So welcome to our arcade room, in our Bristol show room at Home Leisure Direct. This is our wall of Stern pins. We've got some of the best Stern pinballs going, right now, live in our showroom to play. So, this is Metallica. If you haven't heard of the band Metallica, shame on you, because you should do. And this is an amazing game that the guys, quite often on lunch, will go head-to-head on. Currently, Josh is our champion on 160 million points. And it does kill me to admit that he's pretty good. So Metallica is definitely his game. 

Then as we move over to Star Trek, this is based, obviously, on the recent popular movie, and Jonno is our grand champion on this bad boy. So not only taking down the vengeance, but hitting these ramps that flow beautifully. This is a great popular choice with us guys here. 

And then, I told you guys last week that we had some new pinballs coming in, and well, they've arrived. So the Mustang LE edition landed with us last week, and it's just fantastic. I've not been able to play it as much as I would like to because time restrictions, and also I do have to work occasionally. So I've not managed to play it as often as I'd like, but it's a great, great game. And if you'd like to come and try it out, then please do. 

And then, lastly, we've got the Kiss LE edition. So, Jonno said to me earlier, "This is probably the best looking machine I've ever seen. So it's difficult to put into words how beautiful it is, but the machine, it just glows in purples and reds and blues, and it's absolutely fantastic. So don't take my word for it. All of these are set to 'free play.' This is our wall of Stern. If you guys want to come down and try any of them out yourself, please give us a visit in our Bristol showroom.

It's that time of year again when all of the 9-Ball World Pool players get together to battle it out in the World Cup of Pool. So last year, you might remember, that Darren Appleton and Karl Boyes won the tournament, and the guys are back again representing England this year. So Karl Boyes is sponsored by us guys here at Home Leisure Direct, and we cant wait to see him in action. So just to add pressure to every single game that they are playing this year, the prize fund is a whopping $250,000 dollars. Now, who says playing pool doesn't pay? 

So, if you guys sat at home would like to get involved with the action, let me tell you how you can enter a competition. So step one, all you need to do is like our page on Facebook. Step two, then it's dead easy. Keep your eyes peeled for the World Cup of Pool post, and as soon as you see it, you just need to tag your friend into the post. Someone you'd like to take down to London with you to enjoy the show. Now step three, it's kind of important, because that's all about you getting yourself down on the chosen dates to watch the amazing masters of pool all go head-to-head. Now for full details, you can check out our Facebook page, but also don't forget, we will be announcing the winners every single day, right the way up until Friday the 25th at 5 pm. So tag a friend and then check for the results, and remember, you can enter every single day.

This week, we thought we'd talk to you about a game that's taking the world by storm, and that is shuffle board. Now don't panic if you're sat there thinking, "I've never heard of it, I don't know what you're on about." Because I'll show you a little bit about it. But it is fantastic. 

So it's a really simple, straightforward game that involves puck pieces and sliding them down a 12 foot board. Now, stay with me, because it might sound a little bit dull. But as you can see in the action here, it's really, really good fun. It's so simple to play and so addictive, but there's some real skill in mastering where you send the puck, and can you also knock your opponent's pieces off the board? Which by the way, is amazing to do. That's probably more fun than scoring a good point, yourself. 

So it's really taking over here at HLD, everyone's got a bit competitive. We all try and play it down, but we all care greatly when we play, and we care even greater when we lose. So if you'd like to come down and see what shuffleboard's all about, we've got this fantastic beauty set up here in our Bristol show room, come and join us for a game or two.

Last week you'll remember that we announced an amazing give away that we've got running right the way up until the 30th of September. So what is the great prize? It's this awesome SEGA Mega Drive. As you can see, its a cute little box, but it's packed full of goodness. Got over 20 games on it, including classics like Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, and loads, loads more. So if you're sat watching Facebook, share it and comment with your favourite game. If you're watching it on YouTube, you just need to like it, and then again, just drop in the comment box your favourite game. And we will announce the winner on September the 30th, so good luck and may the best person win.

So that's it for another week. Thanks very much for tuning in. Remember, we've got two great giveaways for you. We've got the World Cup of Pool, as well as that great Sega Mega Drive portable. So keep your eyes peeled on Facebook. And remember, you've just got to tell us what is your favourite SEGA game of all time. Drop it in the comment box below. My name's Ben, and you've been watching Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. Have a great week.

I don't know what my intro's going to be tonight. A bit of an anti-climax really, wasn't it?

At The World Cup of Pool stars all get together to....I need a drink. They get together to drink. Now my throat's gone dry.

It couldn't be easier to join in with the, I don't like that. I've got it, go.

It couldn't be easier to enter the competition. Step one, all you've got to do is like us on Facebook. Then step...Did I say step one or step two?


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 15th September 2015

This week on Home Leisure Direct Weekly News, we look at three new pool tables that have arrived in one of our showrooms, a few entries in our Games Room of The Year competition and we have another update on Stern’s Game of Thrones pinball machine!

Video Transcription 

Ben: Welcome to Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. On this week's episode, we've got an amazing giveaway. A freebie for you guys sat at home, so stick around to find out exactly how you enter this great giveaway. 

So guys, we've got an amazing giveaway for you but not only do we a great giveaway, we're also going to be talking to you about three fantastic new pool tables that are in our showroom. We're also going to talk to you about our hunt for the best games room of the year. And then finally we're going to come back to the Game of Thrones pinball, because we got some more exciting news to talk to you guys about. 

This week we really want to show you guys at home three fantastic new tables that have just landed here in our Bristol showroom. So where better to start than with this beautiful Diamond pool table? As you can see, not only is it stunning but it's also great table for the player at home. But the professionals also use this table as this is the exact table that is used in the Mosconi Cup and also the World Cup of Pool. Now, not only do you get a fantastic table, but there are some great additional add-ons you can also buy, including this fantastic anti-shadow light canopy. But don't take my word for it, if you're interested in pool and would like to have a few games on it, please come down to see us down in Bristol and we'll gladly show you around. 

So table number two is this beautiful Montfort Lewis. This is made out of a solid oak with a fantastic blue cloth. Now, as you can see, there are dining benches on either side. Now, they are there because this a pool diner. So not only can you play a fantastic game of pool off of this slate bed, but once you're finished, it doubles up into an attractive dining table suitable for use at home.

The third and final table to talk to you about today is a sneak peek at one of our exclusive, signature range tables. Now, we are launching a whole host of new tables in October 2015 but we thought we'd show you this little beauty here today, so this is the Imperial. Now, as you can see, not only is it a fantastic slate bed pool table, but it also doubles up as a pool diner. And it's got some lovely features on it, including this amazing hidden compartment that when you pop the balls whilst playing the ball returns down to this side of the table where it is neat and it's covered and you'd never even know it was there. So, this table, along with the full range, will be available in October 2015. 

Three tables that we've talked about today are currently on show in our Bristol showroom. We have the largest pool showroom in Europe with over 30 tables on display, including American tables, English pool tables and traditional pool diners. Whatever table you're after, we're bound to have the solution for you. So pop down and pay us a visit.

As some of you avid followed will know at home, we have searched high and low over the past few months looking for the UK's games room of the year and boy, you have not disappointed. The entries we've had so far have been absolutely fantastic. So check out some of the images flashing across your screen now. These are of real games rooms in real homes across the UK. But we have still got until Friday, the 18th of September to get all entries in. So if you haven't submitted yours yet, please check out the website,, or click the link on the description bar because remember there is a £3,000 prize up for grabs for the lucky winner. So keep getting the pictures going and keep the entries coming. 

Last week we broke the news to you that winter is coming. I don't mean literally but I mean in the pinball world. Game of Thrones is coming to a pinball table near you soon and we've also, this week, been given the information on the three different sorts of table available. So there's a pro edition, a premium edition and an LE edition. They all have various different features and various different artwork. So if you want a full run down on what's what in the world of Game of Thrones pinball, then check out our website at or click in the link description in the bar. 

So at the beginning of the show, we talked to you guys about an amazing giveaway that we've got running for this week. So it's this fantastic portable Sega handheld and it's absolutely packed with Sega classics. So not only has it got Sonic The Hedgehog one and two on there but you've also got the classic Golden Axe. With over 20 games on here and also the ability to plug this device into your normal television, this is absolutely worth having. So you might be thinking, how on earth do I enter this freebie giveaway? It's dead easy. All you need to do is tell us the name of your favourite Sega game. It could be an arcade game, it could be a pinball game, it could even be a home console game. Whatever your favourite Sega game is, let us know. So if you're watching on Facebook, you just need to share the post and then drop in your answer for the Sega game of your choice and if you're watching on YouTube, you just need to like the post and you just need to tell us, again, your favourite Sega game. It couldn't be any easier and on the 30th of September we will announce the winner of this beautiful handheld device and we'll even post it out to you, free of charge. You can't get much better than that.

So that's it from me for another week. Thanks very much for stopping by and watching. If you've liked the show, please remember to subscribe and like. And we are available on all sorts of different social media platforms as well. So the question of the week is tied in with our freebie of course, what is your favourite Sega game of all time? Don't forget, leave your comment in the comment box below. Have yourself a great week and by the way, my favorite game is Golden Axe. My name's Ben. You've been watching Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. Have a good week. 

As some of you avid followers sat at home...As you avid followers will know sat at home watching...but they're sat at home again. 

Jonno: Let's try it again.

Ben: As some of you avid followers will know, we've spent the last 10 years trying to find Kryptonite. As some of you avid followers will know, over the last few months, we've spent...okay, I'm getting a drink of water. Hang on, is Josh coming in for the second week in a row? No, no, Josh is not coming in, we've avoided Stu and Josh so far. I don't see this is going to help with proceedings. But a little bit of sugary goodness might just give me the boost I need. Might just help.


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 8th September 2015

In this exciting episode of our Weekly News, we take a look at Stern’s new Game of Thrones pinball machine, a tour of our pinball showroom and some of our new machines/offers!

Video Transcription 

Ben: Hi, and welcome to another episode of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. My name's Ben, and on today's show we're going to talk to you about nothing other than pinball machines. So we've got an amazing announcement to talk to you guys about, as well as a quick guide around our new showroom, and also some fantastic special products and new special offers that are coming in. So stick around.

Okay, so first up on this week's news reel - as promised - is an announcement in the pinball world, and none other than one of the largest, if not the largest, TV shows in the world, is coming to the pinball genre - Game of Thrones. So winter's coming - and indeed, it is -but what better to keep you nice and snug than the fiery glow of your new pinball machine. So all the way from the US, the giants that are Stern announced last week the Game of Thrones pinball will be with us in October. And judging by the pictures, the table is looking immense. So if you're a pinball fan, or whether you're just a big fan of the TV show, it's a pretty good idea to get your deposit in to secure your machine. So you can give the guys a call here in the office, for a 500 pound deposit, that will secure your machine for October's delivery. If you'd rather pay for it outright, you can do that, either. So whether you're a Stark, a Lannister, or maybe even a Baratheon, it doesn't really matter. If you love pinball and you love Game of Thrones, this is a sure-fire winner for you.

As mentioned at the beginning of the program, we thought this week we'd give you a sneak peek at our exclusive pinball room here in Bristol, and as you can see, the pinball room in now fully furnished and full of delicious pins waiting to be played. So we've got a bit of a philosophy here at Home Leisure Direct, and that is every machine should be set to 'free play' so any of you sat at home can come down and play any of the machines. And we've got a whole variety, ranging from some of the more modern Stern classics, right the way through to some of the most iconic machines of the '90s, such as Addams Family, Terminator 2, and Creature From The Black Lagoon. So if you're looking for a pinball, or you've already got a pinball, or you just want to know a bit more about pinball, don't hesitate to pop down and see us here in Bristol, and we'd love to show you around.

So, the third topic to talk to you guys about today, just when you thought there could be no more announcements in the world of pinball, well, surely there are. So, Medieval Madness. For those of you that know pinballs will know that Medieval Madness is arguably one of the best games that's ever been made, so much so that there's now a remake. The table has been remade and re-released in an exclusive fashion, and we will be getting our table here in Bristol very shortly. So expect to see that in the next month or so. But there are also other classics, such as Mustang. We've got an LE version of that on its way here to us in Bristol. We've also got the classic rock band KISS. We've got an LE version of that table on its way, along side Hobbit, and also the highly anticipated Big Lebowski. So, as you can see, although winter's coming and Game of Thrones is high here on the agenda, there's still some fantastic pinball machines yet to land here in Bristol for you guys to come down and play.

Every week we like to bring you guys a special offer, and this week is no different than any other. If anything, it's probably even more exciting because it's pinball related. So this week's special offer is the fantastic World Cup Soccer, and as you can see, she's not only in stunning condition but also an amazing game. The price normally is £2,497 and for this week, and for a limited period, we're bringing the price down to £1,197. So that's £500 saving. Now, whether you like football or don't like football, this is one of the best and most addictive pinball machines I've probably ever played. Some of the features on here from not only being able to stop the ball with a magnet but also having this amazing goal keeper at the back and being able to take pop shots at him, it just makes the game amazing, and really good fun to play. So that's this week's special. I hope you enjoy it. Remember it's literally a one-off, so first come, first served, but it's up now on our website. Please call the office if you'd like to know more. 

Thanks very much for tuning in. That's it from me for another week. If you've enjoyed the show, which I hope you have, then please remember to like and subscribe and remember, we are available on various social media platforms, also. So my final question of the week for you, of course, is, Game of Thrones versus the Medieval Madness remake. Which one would you rather be playing right now? Be sure to leave your comment in the box below, and have yourself a fantastic week. My name's Ben. You've been watching HL New News Weekly.

Williams machines from Terminator 2, fa, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la. 

There is loads of good stuff to talk about. Person at the doorway. Jess, intruder. Give us a wave. Hey, everybody. 

Is there any way I could get a couple of flapjacks, couple of coffees, and some pizza to the show, please? 

The new Stern pinball and as you can see she's starting to look superb. Quick, get Josh immediately. Josh, immediately. Right. Interrupting. 

Josh: Sorry about being grumpy last week.

Ben: Interrupting. He's apologising for being grumpy.

Josh: Last week.

Ben: I'm grumpy with you this week.


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 3rd September 2015

Our second episode of the Home Leisure Direct Weekly News is jam packed with a look at our new arcade room, some great stories from our time at the Fusion Festival, a new offer on our Crazy Taxi arcade cabinet and a visit from Gareth Potts himself!

Video Transcription

Ben: Hi and welcome back to another episode of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News. My name's Ben and this week, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, I think this week's a topper. We get to talk about Ed Sheeran playing an AC/DC pinball machine, take you 'round the Fusion Festival. We've also got a sneak peak at the Gareth Potts videos that will be coming out shortly, as well as a look at our brand new arcade room in our showrooms. Stick around. 

First topic to talk to you about this week is a quick sneak peak at our new showroom. So, we've recently refurbed showrooms here in Bristol and we want to give you a quick insight into our favorite room of the showrooms, which is the arcade room. As you can see, even if I do say so myself, it looks absolutely fantastic. 

So not only have we got a full sized twin OutRun 2 cab here, we've also got another classic which is Crazy Taxi. We'll be talking to you about that a little later on in the show, but the center stage here, as you can see, is our Super Strike Air Hockey Table, which we absolutely love. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also plays amazing, and you can check out our full range on the website. 

What do you do when four-times world champion 8-ball pool player Gareth Potts visits your showroom? Well, that's an easy answer. You play him at pool. That's exactly what we've done this week. We invited Gareth down to talk about the launch of his brand new table, the Gareth Potts Limited Edition Montfort Table, but also the guys here in the office were desperate to have a play on the pool with Gareth, and so we made that happen also. 

As you can see, not all of the results went the way that you would have hoped - or certainly not for the team here - but we had an amazing time with Gareth, really teaching us about how to play some fantastic shots. All of those videos will be available for you guys at home to watch very soon, so keep your eyes peeled to our YouTube channel where you'll be able to get full access to those videos, and they should be out in the next week or so. 

Last week, I talked to you guys about the Fusion Festival, and in between last week and now, well, obviously the Fusion Festival's happened, but we also sent some of you lucky winners down to the Fusion Festival itself to really enjoy the music. So what was it all about? I was curious, so I caught up with Josh a bit earlier on to find out exactly what happened. 
We've got Josh with us, man on the ground live at the Fusion Festival to tell us basically a bit about what happened. We were giving away some free tickets, so some of you at home were lucky enough to go, but Josh and part of the team were also, I think, very lucky to go in with the VIP, schmoozing with the stars. Josh, I think it started on Friday. 

Josh: Yeah, that's right. 

Ben: So, it's Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So start with Friday. How did it go? Talk to us a bit about what you saw. 

Josh: Friday was a little bit mental, so we went from Bristol all the way down to Birmingham. When we got there and set everything up, we were then told by Ed Sheeran's management team that he actually really would quite like a pinball. 

Ben: As you do. 

Josh: So, I got Ben, our pinball engineer, to ping all the way back up to Bristol, pick up an AC/DC pinball that we've got in the showroom at the moment, brought that one back down, and then put it into Ed's dressing room just before he turned up. He was really, really appreciative of it. Got us right in front of the stage as a little thank-you. 

Ben: So there's live stories of Rudimental and some kind of Street Fighter competition, as well? 

Josh: Yeah, so that was really cool, actually. On the Saturday, we had Rudimental. So, we put an arcade cabinet into their dressing room and had a little bit of a Street Fighter competition. It was really, really cool. I lost, I'm not very good at Street Fighter. But yeah, it was really cool.

Ben: Wicked. And other stars that were there on the weekend...Ed, obviously a big pinball fan by the sounds of things. Rudimental, Street Fighter champions, who else was there? 

Josh: We had Labyrinth, who came over and had a game of pool with us. We had Dappy turn up. He was a really, really nice guy. Amongst all the others, we had McBusted on Sunday, they were headlining. They came over, they were really, really cool guys who came over with their families. Played some pool with them, played some arcades. 

Ben: Awesome. 

Josh: It was a really good weekend. 

Ben: Well, it sounds as if you had an absolute blast. Fantastic. Thank you, Josh, for the catch-up, and let's see you soon. 

Josh: Awesome. 

Ben: Thanks bud. So this week, we thought we'd do a special offer. Given the fact that we've just shown you our new arcade room, we thought we'd celebrate that by reducing the price of arguably one of the best arcade machines of all time, Crazy Taxi. We've reduced the price down from £1,997 down to a mouthwatering £1,297. This arcade classic is a SEGA and it's from 1999, and if you haven't played it and you sat there thinking, "I've never heard of Crazy Taxi," shame on you. But more importantly, come down to our showroom here in Bristol, and feel free to try it out for yourself. 

That's it for another week, thanks very much for tuning in. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed the show, and also, we are available on various social media platforms. Final question is arcade-based, of course. So Mortal Kombat versus Street Fighter, there was a lot of debate at the Fusion Festival, all the stars were talking about it, but what's your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below, have yourself a fantastic week. My name's been Ben, and I'll see you guys next week. 

Get yourself down to here in Bristol. Terrible English there, get yourself down to here in Bristol. Sorry, what? 

We were live at the Fusion Festival. That's a mouthful. The Fusion Festival in Holland. No, not really. 

You guys, a very special offer're laughing. It's not supportive, is it, when I'm not doing very well. It's not helping me. 


Home Leisure Direct Weekly News - 27th August 2015

This is our first ever instalment of Home Leisure Direct Weekly News, we hope you enjoy it! This weeks episode is all about our brand new showroom, Fusion Festival in Birmingham which we will be attending, a new offer on our Manchester United Champion Pool Table and the UK Pinball Party, where we got an exclusive glimpse of the brand new Alien Pinball Machine from Highway Pinball!

Video Transcription 

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. Welcome to Home Leisure Direct. My name's Ben and on today's news program, not only have we got a brand new program for you, but we've got four amazing subjects to kick it off. From Manchester United pool tables, to a Fusion Festival, to our brand new showrooms, or the Pinball Party with the new Alien pinball machine reveal. It's worth sticking around for. Okay. So, welcome to Home Leisure Direct News. So, first up today, guys...first topic that we can't wait to talk to you about is our brand new showroom.

It's been months in the planning, there's been lots of blood, sweat, and tears. But I think you'll agree it's coming along, really nicely and we're on target to hit our mid-September launch. So, have a quick look at some of the stills that are splashing across the screen now. But not only did we want to start with a brand new showroom for you guys, but also we've had an extensive refit in our current showrooms in Long Byre and Ida’s Barn where we've not only introduced new product, but we've also put a brand new light system into both buildings. Now, as the weeks roll on, we'll look forward to showing you guys exactly what we've got and exactly where we are.

Okay. So, to celebrate the start of the new football season, we've brought down the price of one of our best selling tables also fitted out with one of the largest football teams here in the country, if not, arguably, the world. But the Manchester United Slim Line Club Table is now down in price at 699. I'm now told that we've only got a few left, so if you do want one and you'd like to have a look, then please contact the guys in the showroom for more details. Okay, so calling all music fans. We will be at the Fusion Festival this weekend, which is live from Birmingham. With acts such as Ed Sheeran, Tinie Tempah, and Rudimental. So, if you're lucky enough to have a ticket, please come down to the show and see us.

We'll be in the VIP section, schmoozing with some of the stars. So, again, if you're lucky enough to have a VIP ticket, please come down and see us. We'll have a foosball table to play, a couple of arcade machines and you can even try your hand at a good game of pool. So, that's this weekend, the 29th and 30th of August, Fusion Festival in Birmingham. Okay. So, the final story of the day comes live from Merthyr Tydfil at the Annual Pinball Party. So, at this year's Pinball Party, not only were we lucky enough to get to play some of the greatest pinball machines that have ever existed. But also, we were lucky enough to play Heighway's latest venture and first edition to their collection, Full Throttle.

Now, in between us playing Full Throttle and going head-to-head on all of the pinballs that were on offer at the Pinball Party, we were also invited to a closed-session seminar where we were shown the latest and newest edition to the Heighway collection. Which is the Alien pinball. Now, I've gotta stress I can't tell you too much about it. But what I can tell you is it's looking absolutely great and the guys are Heighway are hoping to get the machine out in the next six months or so. So, fingers crossed, because everything we were lucky enough to see looks fantastic. If you're pinball fans, you're gonna love it. So, that's Alien. And that will be coming out, very soon.

Okay. So, that's it from me for this week. Thanks very much for watching. I've got one final question for you guys, though. What would you rather do, given the option. Go to the Fusion Festival or go to the Pinball Party? Leave your answers in the comment box below, but that's it from me. You've been watching Home Leisure Direct Weekly. My name's Ben. Have yourself a fantastic week and I'll see you guys next week.

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