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Posted by Andy 08 JANUARY 2014
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Though it may come as a shock to some, today’s newest generation of interactive video games are revolutionizing fitness.  While youngsters today spend troubling amounts of time in front of computer and TV screens (upwards of twelve hours each week), at least some of that time is spent doing serious calorie-burning cardio. Kids these days don't go down to the local youth club or pub for a few games of pool. They don't go outside and play classic games like rounders, british bulldogs, hide and seek etc. All these simplistic games have gone and been replaced by a virtual reality provided by these consoles. Moderation is key as they say but it's also important to note the benefits of video gaming. Instead of a new console every year maybe opt to check out the pool tables for sale on our site. It makes a great addition to a household and can be doubled up as a dining table with some ranges. It's something to think about as there are several health benefits of playing pool too!

Back to video gaming...

Systems like Wii Fit, Xbox Kinect, and Playstation Move have begun to seize a significant proportion of the gaming market, and the popularity of these physically demanding games has seen a considerable spike in recent years.  As tech innovators increasingly find ways to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, the old stereotype of sedentary lazy gamers is fast becoming obsolete.
Yet this new generation of active gaming systems isn’t the only reason video games have health benefits.  In fact, recent studies have shown dozens of surprising ways video games make our bodies better.  From reversing the damage of hereditary eye diseases to decreasing depressive symptoms in elderly patients, traditional video games have a host of impressive health impacts. 

So whether you are looking to drop a few pounds in the aftermath of Christmas indulgence or sharpen your hand-eye coordination in 2014, gaming could be the unexpected platform to launching a better you.

The Health Benefits of Gaming
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Written By: Andy Beresford

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