Table Tennis Tables: Health Benefits [Infographic]

Posted by Scott 19 AUGUST 2015

Table tennis tables are common in schools, youth clubs, health centres and even workplaces.Table tennis has a long list of incredible health benefits that very few people are aware of. The sport continues to grow year on year and is one of the few sports that anyone from any age can play risk-free and with ease.

The low-impact sport of table tennis stimulates many areas of the brain simultaneously and offers a huge range of mental benefits even for patients who suffer from Alzheimers and dementia. We have been intrigued by the benefits of table tennis for a while here at Home Leisure Direct and so we decided to create this easy-to-follow infographic for your convenience.

If you like this infographic please spread the word. The more people we get to realise the benefits of the sport the more people we can get to play. The aim is to carry on our school's program for table tennis and hopefully implement them into many more schools and youth clubs over the next year. 

Health Benefits of Table Tennis Infographic.jpg

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