5 Alternatives to Glastonbury

Posted by Abi 28 JUNE 2013

Not going to Glasto this weekend? No problem! You can have a better time in the West of England than wading through mud with a red face and a straw hat, in a half-comatose state of regret all weekend.

Take a look below at our 5 alternatives to the Glastonbury festival and be glad that you have a lovely warm and dry bed to climb into at the end of the day.

1. Put Your Feet Up & Enjoy a Cuppa.

coffee cropped

It may sound dull to some of you avid festival goers, but sometimes there is nothing more satisfying to snuggle up on the settee in your comfy clothes, or hide out in your local coffee shop with a fancy warm beverage while the English weather is at it's worst.

It's your hard earned weekend, give yourself a break!

2. Watch the Wimbledon Championships


Wimbledon never fails to excite viewers of all ages. The simple rules are easy to pick up, so even if you're watching it for the first-time, you can understand what's going on.

With it's links in royaly and celebrity culture, there is always someone famous in the audience to keep your eye out for.

And if that doesn't hold your interest, then there are always some hiarious facials in a slow-mo replay to have a good laugh at.

3. Tate St. Ives


If you are in the West Country, this tiny town of St. Ives is a really beautiful location to spend your weekend.

This little fishing town was an unlikely place to become famous for art. But during WWII, a bunch of famous artists took shelter here, the impact of which is still visible throughout the town's cobbled streets which are now lined with private, but welcoming galleries and open studios.

Tate St. Ives is the culmination of this, displaying paintings and sculpture that made the town so famous in the art world. It is in a prime position next to the beach and has a roof cafe overlooking the beautiful Cornish scenery.

4. The Eden Project

The Eden Project is a great day out whatever the weather. It houses a range of plantlife from around the globe, by creating artificial eco systems and features a rainforset complete with a huge waterfall.

There is a great cafe with ethically sourced food and it is garanteed to be hot and steamy visit even if it's rubbish weather in the real world outside!

5. Try an Alternative Festival


Still not convinced that you could have a better time this weekend by not going to Glastonbury? Then why not try a small or independant festival?

They might not be happening this weekend, but you can save your energy for a more intimate festival, which are generally cheaper and offer a wider range of attractions and are more family friendly.A good example is Festival No.6 in Wales, where the music ranges from big bands, to small acoustic little knowns and has a range of other attractions such as acrobatics, comedy, story telling, a cinema and woodland raves.

Written By: Abi Ponton

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