New Showroom Arrivals! Star Trek & Wizard of Oz Pinballs

Posted by Abi 13 DECEMBER 2013
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Here at Home Leisure Direct we're really excited to have recieved our new pinball machines! We have the new Stern Star Trek Pro model and the Jersey Jack Wizard of Oz pinball machine now in our showroom.


We were so busy with Christmas orders that we hardly had time to spare to set them up! But, like excited kids at Christmas, we couldn't help but crack the Jersey Jack box open at lunch to take a peek at the Wizard of Oz machine. Here's Dave fixing the legs on...


After moving the showroom around to accomodate for these new machines, we got the 'Woz' in position and fixed the back box in place.


When plugged in and switched on, this machine really is dazzling. As we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Emerald City Limited Edition, our machine is topped with a light up Emerald City, which is a great way to finish off the cabinet.


The RGB LED lights look stunning, especially when sat below the 26" HD LCD monitor in the back box, making it irresistibly appealing. So naturally we had to have a go!

This machine really is very different from the pinball machines we are all used to. It breaks all the rules of conventional pinball, which may initially put off avid pinball fans until they give the game a go, and is sure to attract a new generation of pinball players.


Either way, this machine is packed with speacial features, which are great fun to discover, and the LCD screen really helps you to understand the aims of the game more clearly. The game has a number of mini games, interspersed with great animations made from the original film, making it just as fun to watch as a spectator as it is to play.


We had to wait right until the end of the day to unwrap the Stern Star Trek pinball machine because we were so busy with the Christmas rush.


The cabinet looked great as soon as we opened the box, so we positioned it in the showroom and fixed the back box in place.


On first glance the playfield looks quite sparse, but when you turn the cabinet on, the lights look fantastic. On playing this machine, it's a really fast and fluid game, rewarding you for learning the trick shots and completeing the missions.


The sound effects on this machine are second-to-none, making it easy to fully immerse yourself in the missions as part of the crew on the Starship Enterprise.


We are really pleased with our new pinball machines, so we now have a Stern, a Jersey Jack and a vintage pinball in the showroom so you can see the differences between the manufacturers and how their machines play, to select the right pinball machines for you.


We like to change our showrooms around regularly, and love our new look - almost like an original games arcade! If you want to check out these great machines for yourself, pop down to our Bristol showrooms where we have a whole range of gamesroom products available to try out.


Written By: Abi Ponton

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