Game of Thrones Pinball Is Coming

Posted by Scott 04 SEPTEMBER 2015

game of thrones pinball.png

It’s official, Game of Thrones pinball machine is coming! We have been waiting all year for this announcement, we created a wishlist for 2015 a few months ago and this pinball machine was top of the list. We are super excited for the launch of Game of Thrones Pinball. You pre-order through us by putting down a £500 deposit. Shipments are coming in October so this means you can get your Game of Thrones fix over Christmas. 

Pre-order Now

How much will it cost?

We will be selling the machine for £5297 (Pro). Included in this is free delivery and installation. All you have to do is put down a £500 deposit with us to guarantee your machine. We also offer finance options for you. You can spread your payments to make it more affordable. We have limited stock available, again £500 deposit required to guarantee your Game of Thrones pinball machine. 

game of thrones pinball winterfell.png

Pictured above, pinball on the way to Winterfell. This is a screen grab from HBO's teaser video for Game of Thrones Pinball. 

The Cabinet

Game of Thrones Limited Edition (LE)

Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Cabinet Side

Pictured above is the LE version of the Game of Thrones pinball machine. It features Drogon across the side breathing fire, Drogon is the biggest and wildest of Danaerys's 3 dragons. The side cabinet is hand-drawn by Bob Stevilic and looks incredible. It also has a black powder-coated side armor with the Targaryen sigil and their house motto "Fire & Blood" engraved with a red mirrored backing. This is a really nice touch and gives this pinball machine a truely Targaryen style look. 

Pictured below is the Pro version of the Game of Thrones pinball machine. It doesn't feature the side armor but features some of the main characters. 

Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Cabinet

The Premium version has different art-work to the LE. The LE features Danaerys and the dragons whilst the Premium (we believe) features the Starks. Also below, a facebook fan of Stern commented asking where Jon Snow was and Stern replied "more to be revealed". This leads us to believe the Premium edition will feature Jon Snow as one of the main art-work pieces. Either that, or we know nothing. 

The Play-field 


The LE and Premium both feature the upper play-field which is a castle containing the massive animated Drogon. The game play suggests that you get locked-in to the upper playfield and battle with Drogon with some crazy multi-ball action. This sounds incredible. To the right of the castle is the Iron Throne which looks terrific. The Iron Throne will trap a ball whilst going muilt-ball and the aim of the game is to get on the Iron Throne. 

The upper-playfield on the LE and Premium version pictured below

Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Flippers Upper Playfield

Entrance to the upper-playfield with Drogon in all his glory.

Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Dragon

Sideview showing the middle and lower playfield. 

Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Playfield with Missions

Close-up of the playfield. Amazing artwork. 

Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Playfield Detail

Another side-shot. 

Stern Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Missions

In all three models, you chose a house to play with. The houses are - Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Greyjoy, Martell, or Tyrell. You then start your quest to get on the Iron Throne and rule all of Westeros. A nice addition is also Sandor Clegane (The Hound) will guide you through the game with his strong presence and to be expected, funny remarks. Rory McCann whom acts as the Hound will do the voice of course. 

game of thrones pinball the wall.png

Another screengrab from the HBO teaser video. Pinball on the way up the wall. Could this be a teaser to what the playfield might entail? 

Extra Details

- There is an extra button on the lock bar that is described by Dankberg as “8 -bit.. kind of a throwback thing..almost early 80s retro looking”. 

- You can collect what you’ve earned with the in-game economy. It’s a gold collecting economy mechanic and allows you to spend what you’ve earned. This is a really cool feature

- There is a dragon in the LE and Premium like mentioned earlier. The dragon in the LE has an extra motor which allows for Drogon (the dragon) to move up and down, flap his wings, move smoother and antagonise you. Drogon in the Premium doesn’t have this extra motor so is unable to do everything the LE Drogon can. He is still animated though. Dragon also has a kickback under it which does blast the pinball back to the upper play field when hit. This is going to cause all kinds of chaos in the upper play field.

- The ball can get locked on the right ramp return and it’s called “Sword of Multiball”. To release the ball again a sword-like gate opens and comes down to chop a ball off. Sounds pretty cool!

- A lot of guys who worked on Medieval Madness remake also worked on Game of Thrones too. And Medieval Madness is considered one of the best pinball machines of all time. This has put a lot of expectation on Game of Thrones pinball but we are sure it will deliver. 


Check out this awesome teaser video by HBO for Game of Thrones Pinball. This is going to be huge. To avoid disappointment we urge you to give us a call and pre-order. They will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Give our award winning sales team a call on 0800 622 6464. 

Teaser Video Here

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