Star Trek Next Generation Pinball Machine - Now on Display

Posted by Abi 09 JULY 2014
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Last week we had a fantastic new pinball machine arrive, which is always cause for celebration here in the HLD showroom. We've managed to source an original Star Trek Next Generation in beautiful mint condition and plays like a dream.

The pinball game itself is really well designed, packing the wide body play field with tons of fun features without crowding the board or obscuring game play.

If you're a Star Trek Next Generation fan, you'll enjoy all of the characters and their adventures reminiscent of the TV show and enhanced by audio clips from the original cast. If you're a pinball fan, you'll love exploring this game's many features and levels, being rewarded for acing the skill shots and delving deeper into the game. If you're simply a thrill seeker, this game is sure to enthrall you with its exciting missions and keep you coming back for more!

Star Trek Next Generation Pinball Machine

This model is currently in our showroom for you to try out for yourself. It has been fully restored, the play field having been carefully cleaned and waxed, with any scraped or chipped body work replaced. It has also been fitted with dazzling new LED lights, new balls and new rubbers too. Which all goes to explain why it plays so well and looks so great.

This classic machine, repeatedly voted among the top 10 best pinball games of all time, has been an instant hit among HLD staff here in the showroom among the pin-heads and amateurs alike.

Star Trek Next Generation Pinball Machine - Playfield Close

The gameplay on this machine is really immersive, with a whole range of missions, levels and skill shots to keep you occupied, the more you play, the more you'll be rewarded by nailing the skill shots and totting up a run of objectives. Why not pop in and check it our for yourself?

Written By: Abi Ponton

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