Top Spooky Pinballs

Posted by HLD 29 OCTOBER 2021

Top 5 Spooky Pinballs


Doube, double, pinball trouble,

Flipper burn and multiball bubble...


The nights are getting darker and homes are becoming invaded by spiders. It can only mean one thing: autumn is fully upon us and Halloween has arrived. 

Pinball Machines are filled with an essence of magic, with immersive lights and sounds which can transport you into a different world. So when a pinball is themed with something spooky it will truly make your hairs stand up on end. Your adrenaline will begin pumping so hard with anticipation about what might happen next. Waiting for that multiball siren to sound, and balls to start pinging from all over the playing field.

I bet you're wondering which spooky pinballs are the favourites for this season, well, here are our Top 5...

5. Doctor Who Pinball Machine


Doctor Who is a fast-flowing, exciting pinball game in which you must collect the Doctors and open the Time Expander, racing to defeat The Master, Davros and the infamous Daleks!



4. The Shadow Pinball Machine


The Shadow has a host of innovative features, including player-controlled ball diverters on the left and right ramps, a magnetic ball lock (which freezes the ball for Shadow Multiball), and an upper playfield game, called "The Battlefield".



3. Attack from Mars Pinball Machine


Battle against the alien invaders from Mars and take out alien beings and flying saucers alike. Mayhem, madness and destruction have never been so much fun! 



2. The Walking Dead Pinball Machine Pro


Players fight to survive the zombie apocalypse alongside series icon, Sheriff Rick Grimes, by battling zombies and completing various game missions. The game includes multiple zombie toys for adrenalin-filled zombie battles at familiar locations from the show such as the Prison and Cell Block C. A brilliant high-definition zombie-filled art package heightens the player’s excitement.



1. Bram Stoker's Dracula Pinball Machine


With its unusual blood-red dot matrix display, chilling sounds and striking design (by design legend Barry Oursler with Mark Sprenger), Bram Stoker's Dracula will keep you coming back well into the small hours. The unique multi-multi-ball feature is of particular note; up to three different multiball variations can be active at the same time, giving you a wealth of different scoring opportunities and real variety in gameplay. 


So there you have it, our favourite pinballs to play this Halloween.


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