Pool Tables - How do I care for my new table?

Posted by Michelle 03 DECEMBER 2012
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The great thing about pool tables is they are relatively straightforward to maintain. Unlike a car there are no expensive parts to go wrong, no computers or electronics that suddenly get issues. The number one thing needed to maintain any of the pool tables we sell is so ensure the cloth is always kept in good order.

Pool tables can last a lifetime in a home environment so long as they are looked after. We recommend that your cloth is always brushed after each time you play. This keeps the dust from penetrating the nap of the cloth and also cue chalk residue. 

Family playing on modern pool table

The biggest problem is putting drinks on pool tables, it's not ideal however we know it happens. You have some friends come over, one of them rests a beer on the rail and the next thing you know, he spills onto your lovely clean pool cloth. The best thing to do here is to use kitchen roll, place it over the liquid and allow it to absorb. What ever you do, Do not rub! This can damage the nap of the cloth causing bobbling and the wear to become uneven.

Pool tables in commercial environments are usually in pretty poor shape completely with stained cloth. It is very difficult to get a beer stain out of the cloth, they may always be a slight discolouration, but this depends on the colour of your cloth and the colour of the drink. If you feel it is too noticeable, you can get aerosol cloth cleaner for pool tables. It is similar to dry cleaning spray but read the instructions thoroughly before embarking on this.

Some cloths, particularly on our American pool tables are coated with teflon which means any spillage it likely to bubble on the cloth and not penetrate the weave so long as you soak it up in time. 

Over time, the vibrancy of cloths on any pool tables will fade, particularly if they are in a conservatory. We always recommend purchasing a cover if storing your table in this sort of area. It will still fade of course, just considerably slower.

The general wear of a cloth can vary. In commercial environments the cloths on the pool tables ought to be recovered every 6 months. In a home environment the cloths on a pool table can last up to 4 years, depending on how much you play.

We recover any type of pool tables at Home Leisure Direct, both English and American pool tables and it is usually for the same reason, because a home customer is redecorating and would like a change of colour, not that the cloth has worn. 

Your cloth will wear and will be subject to ball burn, this happens with every single pool table we sell. Ball burn is a natural occurrence when playing pool. It shows up as small flashes on the cloth or white marks on the playing surface, which is caused by the friction of the ball being hit and moving fast on the cloth. In order to minimise this we would recommend buying Amamith Pool tables that are made out of phenolic resin which minimise it, but to not stop it entirely. It is just part and parcel of owning a pool table and what happens to it.

I hope you have found this guide useful on how to care for pool tables and maintain your table. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments box below.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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