Pool tables - What accessories will I need to buy?

Posted by Michelle 05 DECEMBER 2012
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All of the pool tables we sell come with a whole host of accessories. All of our pool tables will come with balls, cues, triangle and chalk as a bare minimum. This really is the very least you will need to really enjoy playing on your pool table.

When you start to shop for pool tables, we always recommend that you consider what other accessories you might need and work that into your budget. In this article I am going to run through a few of the accessories you might need in order to get the most out of your game.

Accessories for Pool Tables

The first thing to consider are pool cues. Most of or pool tables will come with 1 piece Ramin style pool cues. These are the type of cues you might find in a pub or pool club. They have a large tip and are designed for commercial use, not to develop your game. We would tend to recommend you budget at least £30 for a cue and look for a cue that is 2 piece, ash with a brass joint and ferrule if you are looking at English pool tables.

If you are considering one of our American pool tables, you will want to budget around £35+ for a cue, look for a maple wood construction, 2 piece and with a good grip. American pool tables are much larger and so are the cues which is why they start at a slightly higher price.

Second thing to consider is if you would like to upgrade your balls. Some pool tables already come with exceptional quality balls made by Aramith, the world leader in pool balls. They are made from phenolic resin which keep a truer shape, create less ball burn and have a high shine appearance. Upgrading the balls with your table is something we would always recommend. Some of our pool tables already offer this as an option without you having to purchase an additional set.

The third thing on our list would be rest sticks. It is probably the accessory that no one thinks about but how many times have you gone to your local pool club and not seen a rest stick? Very rarely. They are used quite often, particularly by novice players therefore it is worth considering at the very least a cross rest and stick. Pool tables can be tricky to reach over for certain shots if you are not well practiced, so purchasing a rest to give yourself the best chance of that shot when starting out is recommended. If American pool tables are your thing, you will definitely need a rest stick and head.

Lastly, you will always need somewhere to store your cues when they are not being used. You can pick up a cue rack from as little as £20, some of our pool tables will have a rack included, others will not. The last thing you want to do it to lean your new cues up against the wall for storage, not only will you get chalk over your walls but the cue will almost certainly warp making it useless.

When looking to purchase any of our pool tables, it is advisable to consider any additional accessories you will need to budget for and I hope this brief guide will have given you some ideas as to any extras you might need.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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