Fusion Pool Dining Table Review

This is a review of the Fusion Pool Dining Table. This table is built by UK based manufacturers DPT and is the most modern looking pool tables in terms of design available for under £1500 on the market.

Fusion Pool Dining Table Dark Walnut

Photo: Fusion Pool Dining Table in Dark Walnut with Cherry Red Cloth shown with Optional Spots and Stripes 2" Balls

The Fusion Pool Dining Table is a budget friendly, modern pool dining table that is made to a good standard. It has a unique style and is unlike any other table in it’s price band. It has proven a very popular pool dining table for open planned kitchen diners, particularly those with modern sleek kitchens that are very much en vogue at the moment.

The cabinet’s construction is MDF, covered in a choice of either Dark Walnut, Walnut, Oak, Black (Wood grained) or White (Pearl/Satin) coloured laminates. The colour laminates are good quality and they are chosen to blend in with most woods used in contemporary interiors.

Take a look at this Video of The Fusion Pool Dining Table in our Bristol Showroom

Every pool dining table on the market under around £1500 will be made from MDF. It is a cost effective way to build tables and the majority of English Pool Tables you will find in a commercial environment will be made out of this material. An MDF cabinet will not affect gameplay, it is purely an aesthetic element to the table and a cost effective way to produce a table for a reasonable price.

Fusion Pool Dining Table

Photo: Fusion Pool Dining Table with White Finish Black Cloth shown with standard Red & Yellow Balls

The cloth used on the table is manufactured by Stroud based Textile Mill, WSP which make the hugely popular Strachan cloth which has been used in all the big snooker tournaments for years. It is an excellent grade of cloth which will provide a slow/medium speed, which is what you would expect in a table fit for pool league and competition play. It is a great cloth considering the price of the pool table.

The playing surface is 3/4” Brazilian slate which is the standard thickness for English Pool Tables. The best slate available comes from Italy, however there is no longer an abundance of slate in Italy so what is left is extremely expensive. This is why Brazil has become the new resource for slate by most English pool manufacturers because of their fair priced slate, emerging economy and desire to trade outside of South America. The slate used on this model of table is of decent quality; it is not the top grade of slate you can get out of Brazil but it will give a decent playing surface for home use.

The corner plates are a stylish silver finish in a moulded heavy duty plastic that are branded with the manufacturers logo, DPT. Plastic is a good idea in a commercial environment as it doesn’t scratch as much as metal however metal looks more high end in our opinion.

Fusion Pool Dining Table Corners

Photo: Close up of the manufacturers hard wearing silver plastic corners

The dining table will come with a matching 2 piece top which is very well finished and hard wearing. The Fusion pool dining table does have the option to upgrade to a two piece glass top which does look very chic but in our option is very expensive for what it is and not very practical. As with any glass dining table finger prints are a bit of a problem, it is not for the less house proud of us thats for sure and will need constant cleaning. The tops are made from safety glass and are in no sort of frame to protect the glass should you knock it when taking it on and off the table. The glass can chip or even worse, shatter when you are removing it so we would not advise this option if you have children that will be attempting to take the tops off and on. Stick with the standard tops that are robust and can withstand knocks and scrapes far greater for peace of mind.

The best feature of the Fusion Pool dining table in our option is the unique and stylish legs. The legs are powder coated metal, aluminium coloured legs which have a lovely curved shape which is very appealing to our customers. If you have a budget of under £1500 and are looking for a pool dining table that will work in your modern kitchen diner then the Fusion is one of the best buys out there.

The Fusion Pool Dining Table Review Summary:

Excellent quality cloth
Stylish design for the price
Good quality dining top included in the price

There are better playing surfaces out there for the price
The glass dining top option is expensive and impractical.

Lead time: 5-10 weeks

Prices from £894.97

“If you have a budget of under £1500 and want a very modern looking table then The Fusion Pool Dining Table is the best option out there”

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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