*New Release* Rasson's line of Luxury Pool Tables

Posted by HLD 26 JUNE 2017

With the World Cup of Pool 2017 well under way, Rasson has released a set of three new and amazing pool tables via an exclusive deal with Home Leisure Direct, one of which is being used in the World Cup of Pool 2017.


It seems that Rasson have gone all out on their new products, making them very much affordable yet fitting into the Luxury Pool Tables category.


First up is the new Rasson Victory II pool table, which stands out the most. This modern-looking pool table is equipped with the best and latest features that Rasson offers. Its unique pedestal and legs look like a ‘V’ from each side of the table, creating a very modern pool table look for everyone to see.


Rasson Victory II Pool Table - Full View 

Second is the Rasson Challenger table. Presented with a Oak finish, the table will fit perfectly into a old school tavern-themed pub or restaurant. This luxury table will make a unique addition to your perfect room.


 Rasson Challenger Pool Table in Light Oak

Last but not least is the Rasson Innovator pool table. This table takes everything that has previously been perfected and adds its own spin on to it. Equipped with the best features Rasson has to offer, the table meets and exceeds the specifications set by the EPBF (European Pocket Billiard Federation). 

 Rasson Innovator Pool Table

Now, let’s talk about the awesome features that Rasson has incorporated into their new releases. 


Every Rasson table is fitted with their latest amazing features, worthy of a luxury pool table. They have not compromised on the quality of their tables, which are fitted with their Premium Rasson Pro Slate. This slate is made to assure the user that their table will provide better resistance to ball collision and offer the most accurate ball response possible.

 Rasson Pro Slate.png

The luxury rails are made of a compressed phenolic resin which is turned into the Rasson Adamath-Wood, with an ultra-durable finish which makes it resistant to warping, scratching, moisture and heat. These beautiful rails are fitting for a luxury product, giving it a fantastic look while ensuring that it is well-protected and will not get easily damaged.

 Rasson Premium Rail.png

Rasson have packed many features into their tables, but one of the most important is their brand new LevelBox Plus system, which allows you to micro-adjust the slate with twenty-two different positions, allowing for an easy installation without worrying if the table is levelled correctly or not. 

 Rasson Leveling System.png

Other features include pockets with a ten-ball capacity, to reduce the risk of ball rejection when too many balls are in one pocket, and an Artemis cushion which offers the most consistent, durable and precise experience of any billiard cushion on the market.

Rasson 10-ball Pockets.png 

As you can see, Rasson is pulling out all of the stops with these three amazing luxury pool tables. Most importantly, they are affordable, yet well-made and luxurious. Overall, these tables are a great buy for the price at which they are being sold. If our recommendation is not enough, however, the organisers of the World Cup of Pool 2017 are sure to tell you the same thing. 


On a final note, congratulations to Austria for becoming the new champions of the World Cup of Pool 2017!

Click the links below to go to the store page of each product-

Rasson Victory II Pool Table - https://goo.gl/cnBvFv

Rasson Challenger Pool Table - https://goo.gl/SMvGpu

Rasson Innovator Pool Table - https://goo.gl/2gh1XE

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