Top 10 Pool Game Apps 2012

Posted by Michelle 27 JANUARY 2012
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When you want chalk up your virtual cue then this is the ultimate trick shot. The ten best Pool and Billiard app games for your smart phone.

The competition for top spot in the app game market is fierce. Everyone is getting in on app development and while this has widened the market, it has meant that consumers are faced with a dazzling array of choice when it comes to app games for pool and billiards. 

How to Sync Your Balls into the right pocket

1. Pool is a very popular pool app and is rated highly by users. A very simple game and for a free download this is certianly one of the best out there.


2. Anytime Pool is a slightly older pool game but it's a great place to learn the strategy of online pool and billiards. Developed by EA, the app offers 3D scenes, and the ability to customise your shooting style. 

Anytime Pool.jpg

3. Motion Pool is an interesting app that lets you turn your iPhone into your pool cue. Just lay it flat on a table and use it as you would a pool cue. Aim is controlled by angling your iPhone in different directions.

Motion Pool.jpg

4. Adrenaline Pool Online 2 is one of the first apps using 3.0 chat feature with the ability to chat your yoru apponent and play live online. With great gameplay and graphics, this app tables pool playing on the iPhoen to another dimension.

Adrenaline Pool Online 2.jpg

5. Pool Bar Online Hustle offers superb graphics and the chance to play an opponent in real life. The controls of the game are smooth, and the programming provides for some of the best shots and accuracy. You’ll have the 8-ball exactly where you want it to win big with this app.

Pool Bar - Online Hustle.jpg

6. If you’re looking for the celebrity touch, Steve Davis Online Pool is a class act. With several pool games including 8-ball, 9-ball and even a very tricky trick shots mode, you can play against the greats of the billiard world in international competition simulations.

Steve Davis Online Pool .jpg

7. Midnight Pool. Proof that good app games will always hit the cue ball hardest and fastest. Midnight Pool gives users a realistic setting with multiple characters and brilliant graphics. Moreover, it has a rocking soundtrack.

Midnight Pool.jpg

8. Crazy Pool is a huge seller although it’s not a traditional pool game. The game has one big trench around the table and you have to sink all your red balls without the yellow balls to fall. It’s a fun app and gets your pool fingers moving at breakneck speed.

Crazy Pool 3D.jpg

9. Arcade Pool Online gives the opportunity to play against people around the world and it’s a great training app if you’re looking for a way to improve your pool or billiard skills.

Arcade Pool Online.jpg

10. Killer Pool is considered one of the best pool app games for iPhone. It offers a multiplayer function for up to ten people and has a range of challenges and outstanding graphics and accurate in-game physics.

Killer Pool .jpg

Of course, if you’re a hands-on type of pool player, nothing beats the smell of the chalk and the lights hanging low over the verdant green felt while you take aim and watch the cue ball fly. Unfortunately, you can’t carry your pool table on the train to work each day, but you can download a virtual pool table to your pocket.

Written By: Michelle Beresford

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