Want to know the difference between a pool cue and a snooker cue?

Posted by Michelle 10 FEBRUARY 2016
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Want to know the difference between a pool cue and a snooker cue? Look no further. 

We get lots of customers asking which type of cue is better or more suited to them, a snooker cue or a pool cue. We've created this handy guide to help explain the answers to these questions we requently get asked.  We explain the differences between cues - Snooker vs. Pool with information about the different lengths of cue, different types of cue tips and lots more...

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Cue sports, in all it's forms, is the most accessible and popular pastime across the globe. From the English pool tables with 8 ball, the Americans the ever popular with 9 ball and of course not forgetting snooker - one of the fastest growing and most widely followed sport in China, it seems as though most people have at some point shot a few frames.

Why is it then, one of the most common questions relating to cue sports is, What are the differences between the types of cue available? That is why we have designed this neat infographic to explain the differences between the variety of cues available. Its very easy to understand and makes sense of something that has remained a source of confusion for us cue sport fans for many years. 

I play with lots of friends, some who use snooker cues to shoot pool some who use 8 ball cues. The common argument is over the size of tip of the other players cue and where the joint in the cue should be. That being said, there is an argument to say you should play with a cue that feels comfortable and gives you the amount of control you need - but where’s the banter in all that?

This infographic gives you some information about what makes up a cue, why some cues are more expensive than others and what to look out for when purchasing what could be your very first proper cue! Most people buy a cue that looks fancy when in fact the only benefit it has to your play is that you believe you have a good looking cue which in turn gives you confidence and makes you play better. Fundamentally there is no difference between a fancy more ornate cue and a plainer one so long as it is made well. 

One thing to take away from this article is, as long as you buy a decent piece of wood, your game will significantly improve. Why spend £1000+ on a pool table and not invest in a good quality cue? You can pick up a good entry level cue for a little over £30 and the impact it will have on your game will be unbelievable. You will have more control over the ball which you simply won’t get with a pub style cue.

You wouldn't buy a brand new car and put second hand tyres on it would you? So why buy a pool table and use a commercial grade/pub style cue? With a good cue, Your game will improve, you can develop as a player and therefore get more enjoyment from your table. The cue you use from a play perspective is without a doubt, more important that the table itself so we would awlays advise when buying a pool table to save at least £30 in your budget to buy a decent quality cue.

A final thought is to ensure that you have the correct set up in your room to allow for convenient and comfortable play. When purchasing your pool or snooker table the correct table accessories are just as essential as the space to play and quality of the table, as well as the correct cues you need to ensure that your pool table lighting is installed correctly and is providing adequate illumination for your game. Check out our guide on Installing Pool Table Lighting for the perfect advice on style and hanging height for your pool table lights.

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