Gareth Potts - Chinese 8 Ball Pool: Live Stream

Posted by Andy 02 NOVEMBER 2013

Gareth Potts is back out in China, to play in 3 events over the coming week.

He flew out on Monday, and has had chance to acclimatise to the conditions and actually get some practice on the tables. Last time, he found himself playing a number of matches vitually as soon as he arrived. So this time out he will have had chance to find his feet and get himself all set to play at his very best on these pool tables.


His first match is on this Sunday morning 3rd November at 10:20am, although from previous experience it could be an hour before or after this time. He is playing the Chinese No.1, so it will be an amazing achievement if Gareth can get a win.

To watch the stream click on the link below or paste it into your browser:

This stream is not provided by us, it has come from Gareth via his sponsors in China, so if you are having any trouble tuning in we probably are too! Let us know in the comments below if your stream has worked OK and if you have enjoyed the coverage, just so we can get an idea of likely demand for any future events.

We hope you enjoy the coverage and wish Gareth the best of luck. We'll let you have details again for the next match, after this one.

Written By: Andy Beresford

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